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Which type of Diet Personality are you?

Let's learn about  Mister Cranky Dieter. This type of diet personality can be either male or female and is a very unhappy soul, a lot of which can be tracked back to their dieting roots which currently influences their new weight loss plan.  

Mr. Cranky may also have a combination of problems going on Ė such as relationship woes, job woes, spiritual woes, or even medical woes.

When medical woes are involved, a 'weight loss prescription is almost always issued by the cranky dieterís physician and not necessarily in the form of diet pill. The dieter is ordered to lose the weight 'or else'. And that 'or else' is generally a warning that significant health woes await the future if those extra pounds cannot be lost.

No one enjoys being told what to do Ė even when they take the initiative to seek assistance outside of their personal space.

We may go to the doctor for advice, or to a teacher, or our minister for suggestions for improvement or healing, and we walk away - not liking what we were told.

We may have assumed that they would agree with our own thoughts. But that just didn't happen.

And when we see more than one adviser and they all disagree with our personal opinions, it's almost more than a body can handle. Mentally, that is.

Let's see if we can pinpoint a few conditions that may be causing or that have caused Mr. Cranky's weight gain issues. Below, we'll recap with possible healthy solutions.

Constipation, Sluggish Digestive System

In many cases, Mr. Cranky Dieterís problems may be fixed by simply inserting a box of prunes into the diet. Seriously. Constipation accounts for a good deal of ill health Ė from a bloated tummy to a sluggish metabolism. Constipation can make an individual look much bigger than they actually are due to an extended tummy.


In most cases, Mr. Cranky Dieter doesnít like to participate in exercise, or most any form of activity which in turn, contributes to constipation.

Constipation, Sluggish Digestive System

A diet too rich in caloric values, too high in fatty foods is most likely the weight gain culprit. And let's not forget about all of those high calorie regular sodas in the daily diet.

But even innocent beverages which start out with zero calories can become part of the weigh gain trigger. Take coffee; when it is mined with high calorie creamer, it can become a lethal weapon where 'Recommended Weight' is concerned.

A New Outlook on Health

If Mr. Cranky Dieter is cranky due to an order from his physician to go on a diet to lose weight, it may be necessary to alter how the diet is perceived.

As noted, people donít enjoy being told what to do, and particularly so when itís something that they donít want to do Ė even if it will better their life.

Even if it will improve their state of health. Even if doing such will render a longer life, one with increased quality.

Dieting Solutions & Tips for Mr. Cranky Dieter

If constipation is contributing to the crankiness, Mr. Cranky Dieter should consider incorporating the following foods Ė in coordination with a moderate exercise plan:

  Fiber rich foods including legumes, nuts, whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

If weight is contributing to the cranky factor, the dieter needs to work on switching mind-set to a positive rather than a negative attitude regarding weight loss. Itís not easy to achieve, but as weight slips off, that positive train of thought grows stronger, discarded pound by discarded pound.


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