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Climate & Weight Loss
How Climate Influences Weight

How does climate play into the Ethnic Health Picture in regards to what a person weighs?

To help form our answer, let's peer behind the curtain of the Animal Kingdom.

Animals shed skin, fur and antlers during certain times of the year. The shedding process prepares them for both the colder and warmer seasons.

Animals in captivity continue to exhibit traits related to seasonal changes as if they were still living in the wild. Even domesticated species such as ferrets have these inherent features.  

Example: Most animals will add a few pounds just before the colder weather moves in for the season. Instinct alerts them that bitter days are ahead and that food may not be plentiful. For many years we have worked with ferret rescue groups - and each year as winter approaches, these little guys will start packing on a bit more weight. It's instinct at work.

The Ethnic Equation - Climate & Weight

Like the animals, people also thrive on instinct. The ethnicity of an individual impacts appearance, genes, and even weight.

An individual in an extremely cold region may instinctively prepare for winter months by adding a few pounds.

But what happens when the person relocates to another climate? Does instinct persevere?  

The effect that climate has on weight is impacted further still by the Ethnic Equation. Ethnic groups have certain inherited features supplied by Mother Nature in an effort to assist them in living amid a particular climate zone.

However, with modern day man - we rarely had need to worry about the available bounty or harvest supplying our nutritional needs through the colder weather - or even through the hottest intervals of the year.

Most of our food is produced or more aptly 'scientifically engineered' to ensure that there is an adequate food supply to meet the needs of the population.

Therefore, as winter approaches - note your weight.

Pay close attention as fall heralds. Weigh frequently; examine the data. Keep monitoring the results on your bathroom scales to see if you are instinctively putting on pounds.

Other signs to look for:

Do you find yourself feeling more hungry as winter approaches than you did a few weeks ago?

And if you find you are gaining weight, do you need a vest or a large sweater that can serve to conceal that newfound weight?

Are belts, pants and skirts tighter (at the waistline)? All of these are little signs that can let us know that weight is creeping slowly on - at times, at an almost-unnoticeable pace if we're not cautiously monitoring our daily diet and balancing it with activity.

So as winter heralds - or as summer approaches, or fall or spring, be very watchful where weight gain is concerned. A little extra precaution might save you a few pounds of weight gain.

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