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The Body Detox Routine

What is a toxin? How does the body get rid of toxins?

Every Spring I get a burr in my saddle, and flutter about - cleaning the house from top to bottom. It's called Spring Cleaning.

The house looks so pretty, smells so fresh and it's so clean that I'm almost afraid to live in it because I'll just get it dirty again.

Did you ever wish that you could clean out your system? Start afresh? Be all clean on the inside and out? Make even your colon so clean that it'll smell like daisies?

If so, you may have performed an online search to see how such can be accomplished. Amid your search, odds are that you discovered miracle remedies - safe roto-rooters that attack evil toxins.  

But what are toxins?

A toxin may be produced by the body OR ingested by the body OR inhaled by the body. When toxins build up in the body, adverse reactions may occur - some serious, perhaps even fatal.

But don't cut the body short!

It's much smarter than we think. Our system comes with many safety nets and when it encounters such toxins, it acts to rid them from the body. It accomplishes this task through metabolization, through urination, through sweating, through vomiting, through induction of the Number Two factor, and even through exhalation (via the lungs).

We do have a few suggestions to help keep the level of toxins down in your system.

Cleaning Fruits, Vegetables & Natural Foods

Always thoroughly wash fruit and vegetables that you purchase at your local market to remove harmful insecticides. Better yet, seek out organically grown specimens.

Block Toxins by Protecting Lung Health

When mowing, edging and weed-eating your lawn, strap on a mask to block harmful fumes.

Animal Proteins, Safety

Follow safety tips for preparing ground beef and poultry. Always wash the cutting board with soap and warm water.

Cook meats thoroughly, then store properly as soon as possible.

Water Rids Harmful Toxins From the Body

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water helps sweep toxins from the body naturally.

Avoid Over the Counter Meds Unless Doctor Prescribed

If you're big on pain killers, sleeping aids and other OTC medications, try to remove them from your daily routine. Even too many vitamins can cause toxicity.  

See? Too much of a good thing really can be bad.

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