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Aunty Ann Ate Eight Eggs
Low Carb Dieting

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Carb Dieting Includes Use of Masses Amounts of Eggs Which Contain Massive Amounts of Cholesterol

Suddenly reborn, low carbohydrate diets contributed to the masses flocking to the egg bend at local markets in search of not extra small, not small, not medium, not large or even extra large  - BUT JUMBO sized eggs for their new, low carb diet plan.

In response to meet demand, chickens have gone on a twenty-four hour laying shift, seven days a week in an effort to beef-up egg production.

In addition, egg prices have increased sharply in response in order to fluff the feathers of the carb dieter.

And every morning in quaint kitchens around the globe, dieters load their breakfast skillets with six-egg omelets drenched in cheese as they begin their low carb diet for the day.

Long Term Health Impact of Cholesterol-High Foods

As low carb dieters continue to run amok in the Diet World, scientists and researchers may be pondering the long term health effects on a body that most say, can only withstand one egg per day without major diet damage.

By the way, that includes ALL the eggs consumed throughout the day, including those in main courses, and those that are part of recipes - such as tucked into all types of bread from potato bread to cornbread; those that are added to dessert recipes such as in cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pudding and pastries. In the end - the 'legal dietary limit' at this juncture is one per day.

Sometimes it really does pay to put all your eggs into one basket.

Egg Substitutes, a Healthy Alternative

Opting for liquid-based egg substitutes offers a great solution for dieters who want to keep the carbohydrate grams in check while keeping cholesterol grams under control.

While the jury is still out on the long-term impact of daily diets that severely restrict carbohydrates, health studies have proven time and time again that cholesterol consumption impacts over-all heath and in some individuals may contribute or cause many serious diseases - from certain cancers to coronary artery disease.

Based on our well of knowledge in this area, it just makes good sense to keep a lid on those foods which contribute to unhealthy cholesterol.

Health Tip: When purchasing eggs please reach for the cage-free varieties which cost just a few cents more - and at times, they may actually cost less. Think of the extra cost as a worthy donation.

To the low carb dieter, it's all about those carbs contained in food.

Here are a few calorie/carb comparisons for eggs.

The data and nutrition facts are based on one large sized egg or when in liquid form, per cup values as indicated in the data chart.

Calories & Cholesterol in Eggs Based on Preparation Methods

Preparation Method or Type Used

Caloric Value

Carb Grams

Frozen Substitute, 1/4 cup



Liquid Substitute, 1/4 cup



Large White Only



Large Yolk Only






Hard Boiled






Raw Form






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