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Carbohydrates, the Dehydration Denominator

Written by Diet Bites

Carbohydrates at Work Within the Body

Warnings from the professional health community target low carbohydrate diets with news that carb-restricted diets may cause kidney damage. Fact or fiction? And if true, how can a daily diet that is greatly restrictive in carbohydrates cause serious health issues?

The body utilizes carbohydrates to burn fat. The body's response? Production of ketones that affect those individuals with kidney problems, as well as those individuals with certain health encumbrances, such as individuals with diabetes.

Foods that are prominent in carbohydrate-restricted diet include those very high in protein gram content such as beef, poultry, pork and eggs.

Protein works well in expelling 'water' from the body. The next time you enjoy a meal heavy in protein, including eggs, take note of the times that you are in need of frolicking to the restroom.  

When the high protein daily diet reacts in ridding the body of water, thus the initial substantial weight loss results for carb dieters. An individual would get a similar result by using diuretics - which we certainly do not and could not recommend.  

This said, low carb diets may dehydrate the body, thus causing a strain on the kidneys. The kidneys must then struggle to clean toxins from the blood. For individuals who are experiencing kidney issues, the risk is multiplied.

Try to envision this picture: A miner is panning for gold. A freak sun-storm has occurred overhead, depleting most of the water in the trough. The gold is then stagnated.

Unlike the miner's ability to collect the gold from the trough, our kidneys cannot continue to filter the impurities from the blood. When the kidneys take pause, all sorts of serious health problems may arise. Here are just a few...

Blood Pressure & Kidney Functioning

Blood pressure is regulated by the kidneys and is effected by dehydration. Not good news, particularly for a kidney or heart patient.

Impact on Red Blood Cells

The production of red blood cells is also impacted.


People with existing kidney disease who experience dehydration face potentially serious health consequences.


When the body goes into ketosis, the individual loses lean body mass, not fat.

Energy Levels & Carbohydrates

Energy levels are depleted. Carbohydrates are the body's 'quick energy'.

Risks of Carb Restricted Diet Plans for Weight Loss

Although low carb diets work well in initial fast weight loss, the dieter must weigh the health risks. The dieter must decide, 'Are the long term health risks worth fast weight loss?'

Something that might assist in the decision-making process is that the majority of weight loss by carb-restricted diets is in the form of water weight that is lost - not fat. Shortly after the diet ends, the weight returns in carb dieters 99.99% of the time.

More reading regarding carbohydrates in the daily diet: Carbs - the Dehydration Denominator | Blow Up the Bread Basket | Fast Food Carb Grams

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