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Weight Loss, Hello Sweet Pea

Written by Diet Bites

Including a Low Fat Recipe for Mexican Stir Fry & Homemade Chicken n Dumplings

Add a little peas to your diet and you and your weight loss plan will be feeling like two peas in a pod!  

Peas are punched with fiber, folate and vitamin C.  

Peas also make a spiffy, healthy additive to side dishes. Toss a few fresh peas into a salad. Or pop some frozen peas into homemade chicken soup.  

Mexican Stir Fry Recipe for Dieters & Black-Eyed Peas

Or add a few peas to your next skinny stir fry. A good basic recipe is 1 cup of lean cubed chicken breast placed into a well-oiled (extra virgin olive oil) pan. Add sea salt and cracked pepper as desired to the meat as it cooks.

Toss a bit of seasonings into the pan. Decide if you want to make an Asian theme dish, Mexican, Italian, American - and so forth.

For example, to take the flavors towards delicious Mexican flavors, add red, yellow, orange and green pepper strips to the pan along with large slices of purple or white onion. Add some fresh chopped cilantro. Add a few drained black-eyed peas - as well as a small can of petite tomatoes.

Season the dish with chili powder, ground cumin, garlic salt and other traditional Mexican flavors such as cayenne pepper and jalapeno. Serve the Mexican Stir Fry over a bed of Spanish Rice or white whole grain rice. Uncle Ben's makes a delicious Spanish Rice packet which requires only 90 seconds from microwave to the table. A perfect base for the stir fry.

Just how many calories are contained in your favorite pea?  Let's see!

Type of Pea

Calories - Per 1/2 cup, cooked

Carb Grams, Per 1/2 cup, cooked

Sweet Peas






Chick Peas



Green Peas



Split Peas



Low Fat Recipe for Homemade Chicken n Dumplings & English Peas

English Peas compliment homemade chicken and dumplings very well.

For a diet friendly version of chicken and dumplings, boil 6 chicken legs until done. 

Remove from pot and also remove any skin and bone. Skim any visible fat from kettle. Add 3-4 chicken bouillon cubes to broth.

Take one can of regular biscuits (those that contain 110 calories or less per biscuit) and roll out using just a bit of all-purpose flour.

Cut into strips and carefully add to boiling broth. Use a non stick kettle OR cook in your microwave as dumplings like to stick to the bottom of certain pots.

Cook until dumplings are done, then add boned chicken and 1/2 cup of skim or fat reduced milk to the dumplings.

Add salt and pepper to suit your personal taste. 

Makes 10 servings for about 150 calories each. Be sure to serve with your wonderfully healthy English peas.

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