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Determining the Amount of Weight
You Need to Lose

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Losing weight in a safe, healthy manner equals the best weight loss plan....

There are several different methodologies that dieters use before launching out of the Diet Gates towards the Weight Loss Finish Line.

The race is a bit like conception - all those eggs, but only one will make good.

What does it take to increase your odds of weight loss?

Planning - sound planning BEFORE the Weight Loss Race begins. Determining the amount of weight that you need to lose is just one vital step towards winning your race. Note the word 'NEED' rather than the word 'WANT'.

So many times, our wants override our needs and we end up getting frustrated because we don't have a perfect picture in front of us.

A hungry peasant is content with bread, water and a couple of fish poked through a stick and cooked over an open fire whereas a hungry rich man might require rosemary bread spread with real butter and dandelion honey, the finest spring water collected by Ponce De Leon himself, and only the best caviar in the palace - all served on a silver platter by a uniformed lackey.

How Do You Know You Need To Lose Weight?

So the first step towards winning the Weight Loss Race is to determine your needs. We'll begin with a few ways that many dieters use to determine the amount of weight they need to lose:

When the belt or pants begin to fit tightly, the dieter cuts back until the items are loose again.

The dieter hops on the scales and then takes a good gander at a popular 'Your Ideal Weight Chart'.

Beware of those online ideal & recommended weight charts because they can vary by several pounds.

This leads to a chart we created several years ago when the Internet was in its infancy. We feel it is more in-line with Weight Loss Needs rather than Weight Loss Wants. These are lean weights - not skeletal ones.

Start at Highest Point & Lose to Ideal Weight

We recommend that the dieter choose the highest number on the chart based on height.

There are two charts: a women's recommended weight chart and a men's recommended weight chart. So choose the applicable acceptable weight range chart and again - the highest number in the range for setting weight goal.

The dieter will then pick a diet plan that either fits their personal needs or one that is trendy, such as the popular low carbohydrate diet. If you decide to go trendy, ensure for your good health that the diet is one that is a safe method for weight loss.

 When dieters begin to feel miserably stuffed, many will simply cut back on the amount of food that they eat until they shrink back down to size. Most will not count fat grams, calories, carbohydrates or even sheep.

Although these are all good starting points for a diet plan, it's how effectively the information is put to use after the dieter determines that a weight loss plan is in order which makes weight loss a success, or failure.

The best weight loss plan is one that effectively triggers weight loss while improving the health level of the dieter rather than placing them at risk.

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