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Diet Personality Types
The Persnickety Dieter

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Particular Dieter

This Diet Personality is very picky about their food choices which works both for and against them, with the potential to create a negative or a positive situation where their weight loss plan in concerned.

When dieting, due to their persnickety nature they may insist on eating the foods that are specifically outlined in their weight loss plan.

They will not deter from the menu and will typically stay on track, remaining focusing on losing weight.

On the other end of the spectrum, this dieting personality may lean towards their selective 'rathers', finding difficulty in eating foods contained in their daily menu that they do not particularly enjoy.

And if you have ever tried to lose weight and made use of a particular weight loss plan, you probably know the common foods listed on the menu.

These limited food selections generally include tuna in spring water, plain rice or popcorn cakes, grapefruit, carrots, cucumbers, celery, broccoli and boiled cabbage.

It's a nightmare when the same foods are on the menu again and again - triggering boredom and resentment against the weight loss plan. So it's difficult to blame the persnickety dieter for feeling as they do.

Dieting Solutions & Tips for the Persnickety Dieter

Experiment with exotic foods which tend to hold many health benefits and few calories when enjoyed in the raw. Kiwi, pomegranates, star fruit, and jicima are just a few great examples of foods that are not widely incorporated into the common daily diet.  

These exotic foods can add excitement and fun to the boring diet.

Reach for a burst of sweetness from Mother Nature's Good Earth. It's difficult to match the sweet flavors of fresh fruit, particularly when it is in season and has just been harvested from the tree, bush or garden.

Home Grown Foods, Healthy - No Additives

The persnickety individual may also find joy in growing foods at home - in their own private garden space. This type of personality tends to feel best when they are in charge of their destiny.

It's not so much an issue of wanting to control other people or that they want to change the world; they are generally concerned with their own kismet.

Growing a garden will allow the persnickety individual more control over the foods that they like to enjoy at the dining table, as well as control over how they are grown and harvested.

Keep in mind that the more healthy foods that the picky dieter adds to their ‘list of favorite foods’, the healthier their daily diet will be. While the persnickety person may detest prunes, if they are pureed and added to a cake mix in place of oils, the flavor of the cake tends to overpower the flavor of the prunes.

And the prunes add moistness to the dessert without adding a plethora of calories that accompany traditional vegetable oil recommended in most cake mixes.

Any type of mashed or pureed fruit can nicely be substituted for vegetable oil in most recipes - from mashed banana, peaches, mango, papaya to applesauce. Even regular whole milk yogurt can replace vegetable oil in many recipes for far less calories.

Herbs & Spices to Spice-up Your Diet Plan

This type of dieters would do well to experiment with herbs and spices on those foods that aren’t included on the list of favorite foods.

Enhancement might just bring those foods not only to the list of favorites, but maybe to the top of the list. Add a bit of crushed rosemary to roasted chicken – toss a few dried cranberries into that bland salad and liven up those taste buds!

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