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Lose Belly Fat

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Ridding Belly Fat is Challenging

Ah - belly fat isn't 'belly wonderful' but for some individuals, ridding belly fat is an uphill climb.

Each of us is like a unique puzzle constructed by nature. We grab genes from our parents, habits from our aunts and uncles - thus forming our own unique piece of the family puzzle.  

And sometimes, belly fat is an inherited dilemma rather than a rich bank account. Weight gain enhances our 'belly fat' inheritance.

Here are a few tips that might assist in removing belly fat safely:

Many times, losing weight may make the belly area look belly nice!

Losing weight slowly while focusing exercises on the ab section may also render belly nice results.

Some foods tend to blow out the belly such as beer - so steer clear.

Protein Power, the Meaty Difference in Fighting Belly Fat

Want to boost fiber intake while getting your Protein Fix? We've got some suggestions that echo a meaty difference.

Oh the options in a healthy diet plan. You can decrease your appetite, gain more muscle than fat - all while losing unwanted belly fat.

Meat [and seafood] is just one source of protein.

Here are a few more of which we consider the most healthy choices.

* From navy beans to pinto beans, you'll boost your fiber intake.  Beans tend to stick around for a long while, keeping the hungries at bay.

* Enjoy with a small wedge of cornbread and no calorie butter spray.

* Eggs.  Although high in cholesterol, eggs are also very filling while low in calories.

* Peanut Butter - high in calories but a little goes a long way.

Low Calorie Potato Recipe for Your Diet Plan

One area of dieting which is so difficult is overcoming our appetite in order to lose belly fat. We miss the foods that were in our former eating plan - foods like potatoes. Many individuals assume that potatoes cannot fit into a belly-fat reduction plan because they are extreme in caloric values. It just isn't so.

One small potato contains about the same energy values as the following food combinations:

- 2 rice or popcorn cakes
- a serving of lean beef jerky
- 2 large suckers
- 2 cups of cooked carrots
- 1/2 a breakfast toaster tart

This delicious potato recipe is low in calories, low in fat, tastes lovely and is ultra filling. Feel free to leave the skins on or off the potato.

The Recipe Ingredients

1 small spud - diced into small cubes
chopped onion

chopped bell pepper

salt & pepper

butter-flavored non-stick cooking spray

1 slice of bacon, microwaved & crumbled

1 ounce of finely grated mozzarella cheese

How to Prepare

Place potato into skillet sprayed with cooking spray; add salt, pepper, onion and bell pepper and cook until golden. Use more cooking spray if needed - but take care not to spray into flames or your new nickname might be 'Fuzzy Der Der' for a long while.

When potatoes reach your preferred doneness, add bacon. Remove and sprinkle on cheese.

About 225 calories depending upon bacon and cheese brands used. As a note, a small potato contains about 120 calories.


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