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When You Can't Stop Eating
Tips That May Help

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Need to Feed

Bob enjoys a tasty Mexican lunch and shortly afterwards, he has that 'I'm stuffed' feeling. Two hours later, Bob can't imagine that he felt so full just a short time ago.  

He doesn't feel famished, but he wants something very tasty, much like that Mexican lunch - only less.  

He wants to save room for dinner as his wife is preparing his favorite meatloaf recipe.

At THIS moment in time, Bob can't stop eating because he doesn't want to stop eating - not that he hasn't tried!  But every time that Bob tries to curb his eating, his diet is short-lived.  

An Eating Addiction

Bob is addicted to food. He likes how it looks, how it smells and particularly how it tastes.

Bob is unhappy with his image, as well as frustrated with his inability to control his food intake.  

But he'll worry about that later....

Days, weeks, months, years later - Bob wakes up and decides to tackle his 'I Can't Stop Eating' problem.

Diet Bites loves happy endings, so our Bob goes on to accomplish all his weight loss goals and is King when it comes to weight loss management.

Tips to Overcome an Eating Addiction - When You Can't Stop Eating

Unfortunately, what worked for Bob might not work for someone else who has a 'I Can't Stop Eating' problem.  Here are few suggestions that might be of help.

Establishing Set Meal Times, Portion Control

Set your Diet Clock.

Stick to enjoying three scheduled meals a day and until 'food control' is mastered, cut out all snacks.

Shifting Thoughts of Overeating

Food for Thought Exercise  

When thoughts of food start to tempt throughout the day, think of something else.

Example: Dieter Jill loves cookies. She knows that while she is dieting that she is going to be thinking of cookies a lot.

Jill also enjoys swimming. There is a canary-yellow swimsuit that she plans to purchase for her new, smaller figure.

Here is how Jill's Food for Thought Exercise Might Play Out

Dieter Jill is experiencing an afternoon lull and is craving cookies. INSTANTLY, IMMEDIATELY, TOOT-SWEET, Dieter Jill switches those damaging Cookie Thoughts to her positive Canary-Yellow Swimsuit Thoughts. Suddenly, those cookies didn't look so tempting.

Satiety Power to Overcome Overeating, Healthy Food Pyramid

Choose foods that have long satiety powers such as oatmeal and beans.

Build your diet plan on the food pyramid.

When  You Can't Stop Eating

At times, an individual is unable to overcome an eating addiction without assistance. This is the time when the sage guidance of a qualified doctor should enter the nutritional picture.

While a healthy eating plan, portion control, and exercise all work towards creating a trim, healthier body in comparison to an overweight body, it's not a special eating plan or exercise routine which will impact the outcome the most. It's the individual's personal level of desire to be thin or fat. It's a personal choice.

While we may feel that we cannot control how much we eat, we seriously can.

We just aren't willing to give up that cookie, that slice of cake, that second or third helping of a particular food in exchange for a healthier body. We want food more than we want to be at our recommended weight.

Yes, that's a straightforward statement, but it's from someone who knows what the individual with an eating addiction goes through. I was there myself - for years until I achieved permanent weight loss success. It's been close to twenty years now. My, time does fly.

Fact is, I wasn't able to lose the excess fat until my final diet because I wanted to enjoy eating more than I wanted to be at my recommended healthy weight.

The next time you pick up a food that you know is going to work towards exceeding your daily caloric totals, ask yourself, "Do I want this more than I want to lose weight?"

The truth is very difficult to swallow at times.

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