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Bowling For Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Fill your bowl with light salads and soups to trigger big results on the weight loss scales!

Soups and salads are ultra filling - and can be ultra low in calories.

There are a few caveats - all of which come into play when we look at the ingredients which are added to the healthy salad base.

Speaking of the base, the healthiest mix looking something like this:

1. Greens. These are greens which are edible without going through the cooking process. They include spring greens, dandelion greens, all varieties of lettuce, baby spinach and endive.

All of these salad ingredients reside in the healthy Vegetable Group. For adults who are healthy and who require about 2000 calories daily in order to support their recommended ideal weight, they require 3-5 servings daily. Most vegetable servings equal one cup raw and 1/2 cup cooked.

2. Tomatoes. The tomato is part of the Fruit Group, although it is often confused for a vegetable. The same applies to the avocado.

3. Raw vegetables which compliment the greens. These may include: all varieties of edible mushrooms, radish, onion, cucumber, florets of broccoli and cauliflower, shallots and chives.

4. Healthy proteins which can be added to salads include: boiled eggs, cooked beans which have been drained well, chickpeas and cheese. As a side note, cheese is a complete protein.

Salad Tips for Dieters, Additives to Monitor

 Don't strike out on croutons, fatty salad dressings, grated cheese, and an overabundance of bacon bits in your salad. Keep them light, keep them lean.

Try adding some fresh chopped fruit to your salad. Perk! Try apple for chicken and tuna based salads and from there - have fun experimenting.

Go wild with combinations of salad fixins' that strike out of the norm. Dandelion greens, red cabbage, jicama - and the list goes on. Keep your diet interested with curious new tastes.

If you enjoy a soup along with your salad, the following tips can serve to trim fat and calories.

Soup Tips for Dieters

Cream based soups may send your diet plan into the gutter. Opt for broth-based soups.

Create homemade sensations such as tomato soup. Simply cook whole tomatoes, remove the peeling, blend tomatoes, add salt, pepper, crushed rosemary and a teaspoon or so of Splenda (or sugar) to add a sweet zing.

Grab for soups packed with vegetables for an added burst of fiber in your diet plan.

Enjoy the recommended serving size in your bowl rather than filling the bowl. Generally a serving size is about 1 cup. 


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