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Tracking Weight Gain

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Also included is a quick snack toast recipe for your weight loss plan.

Getting on Track With a Healthy Body Weight

Our thoughts are much like a train track. 

Each section of track builds on the previous section of track. One thought - leads to another. Whatever we are currently thinking most likely stems from the previous thought.

Whenever a section of track curves, it leads into a new direction - and we can do much the same with our minds in regards to weight loss.

Don't focus on trying to repair or rebuild the Diet Track behind you!

Focus instead, on building the Diet Track before you - a healthy, stronger, better track.

However, never forget the things that you have experienced in regards to your former eating plan.

Never forget what you've gone through due to being overweight - the heartburn episodes, digestive ills, aches and pains in muscles, joints and in your back because your body skeleton is hauling around too much weight that it wasn't intended to carry.

Never forget how frustrated you were when you went shopping for clothing and nothing looked good - or nothing fit.

These things in our past are tools which we can use to motivate us to keep on track with our weight loss plan - to keep us from continuing on the same track which led to unwanted weight gain. And be sure of this - if you continue on that track, you will be almost certain to keep gaining more unwanted pounds.

Moving Forward to Positive Weight Loss Results & a Healthier Body

Once you identify the direction that you want your track to run (based on your weight loss plan) then go full steam ahead!

Always keep in mind that on your Diet Journey you're not only the Engineer, you're also the Conductor and sometimes, even the Little Red Caboose.

Don't track weight gain OR mope over weight gain - be the little Diet Engine that could! You can do it!

Keep the focus, keep your motivation and move forward, down a healthier track. You'll be glad that you did and you know what? Your body will certain thank you for your efforts.

You'll have less health ills, you'll feel more energetic and happy about living life to the fullest. Another perk? You will most likely increase your time on earth.

A Low Calorie, Low Fat Snack for Your Diet Plan

This dieting tip is great for those times when you need something to fill up that empty spot in your tummy and you haven't got many calories left in your daily calorie total.

You'll need: 2 slices of 55-calorie per slice bread.

Sunbeam's Texas Giant loaf is excellent. And all breads with less calories also work well. Wheat bread or whole grain breads will boost nutritional benefits.

Spray each slice with butter flavored cooking spray then place into a non-stick skillet until golden brown.

Delicious - nutritious - low in calories and fat. 

Calorie Count: 110 calories for two slices of buttery toast.


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