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The Supermarket Diet, an Independent Review

Written by Diet Bites

A Simple Diet That's Affordably Delicious!

Endorsed by Good Housekeeping, The Supermarket Diet just may have you racing to your nearest market with high hopes of weight loss results! And with good reason, too.

100 Recipes in the Supermarket Diet

The healthy-100 recipes are ultra easy to prepare, generally taking twenty minutes or less.

There is also a wide variety of 'real' food suggested in The Supermarket Diet, including otherwise diet-demonic treats such as chocolate and yes, even spirits to soothe the Diet Soul.

The recipes have been tested inside the reliable Good Housekeeping kitchen - and as most of us know, there have been a lot of tasty things created in that kitchen.

A Simple Diet That's Affordably Delicious!

Since we all have to eat to live, The Supermarket Diet is also an inexpensive segway to weight loss teaching us how to make the most out of the simple foods that abound at the supermarket.

Without making a life change, it's difficult to keep lost weight from returning after a diet plan ends. We've always stated that it's much easier to lose excess pounds - and the biggest challenge is in keeping off those lost pounds, permanently. The vast majority of post dieters regain the lost weight in addition to more pounds because they didn't make a life change. They returned to their former eating plan which contained more calories than necessary to support their recommended body weight. And it doesn't take long to pack back on ten, twenty, fifty or more pounds.

Amount of Weight You Can Expect to Lose on the Supermarket Diet

A three to five pound weight loss is projected during the initial two-week phase of The Supermarket Diet as dieters blitz for a 1200 calorie daily diet. 

This is one of the few issues that we have with this plan. A 1200 calorie daily plan is very difficult to pursue. It requires much willpower - and it also requires getting in your body's essential daily needs for vitamins and minerals.

When Calories are Too Restricted, Metabolic Rate Slows

In addition, individuals who have more than fifty pounds to lose require more than 1200 calories per day. As they lose weight, they can certainly begin to trim back on their energy intake levels but an individual needing to drop 50 pounds would get better results on a 1500 to 1700 calorie daily plan.

The result is compounded as the metabolic rate slows due to the substantial slap in energy intake. And when one is adding exercise to their weight loss plan - and they are on a too-restrictive eating plan, the health results can prove catastrophic.

After Two Weeks, Calories Increased on Supermarket Diet Plan

From there, calories are increased to 1500 daily with a projected weight loss of two pounds per week - which is a very safe rate of weight loss. It also allows the body to slowly adjust to all the changes going on within the body.

In addition, statistics and health studies show that when weight is lost at a slower, steady pace, the individual is more apt to keep it off. In addition, fat loss is more apt to occur than muscle or water loss.

Our Recommendation

We highly recommend The Supermarket Diet for weight loss, as well as for those wanting to achieve a healthier body EXCEPT for the too-restrictive amount of daily calories. 

We recommend that you visit your doctor office before going on any weight loss plan to ensure that you are up for the challenge - and that there aren't any hidden things going on inside your body such as a faulty thyroid, diabetes - things that could be contributing to weight gain.

While you are there, discuss any potential diet that you are considering for losing excess body fat. Ask how many daily calories your body requires based on your age, gender, activity level, height and current state of health.

This is an independent review and Diet Bites makes no claims or disclaims on The Supermarket Diet. This review is provided as a service to our readers for informational purposes only.

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