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The Sonoma Diet
An Independent Review

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

What is the Sonoma Diet?

A hot new diet by Dr. Connie Peraglie Gutterson, R.D., Ph.D. that appears to be quickly gaining public interest with the potential to become a Super Diet.

Inspired by the Mediterranean diet way of life, the cornerstone of the Sonoma Diet appears to hinge on our basic instincts: enjoyment and appreciation of food.

Sonoma Diet - Portion Control

A seven-inch plate, a nine-inch plate and a two-cup bowl are a few of the basic essentials for the Sonoma Diet. The Sonoma Diet uses the plates and bowl to assist the dieter in redefining portions.

Food combining with an emphasis on vegetables, grains and lean meats is another important key to The Sonoma Diet.

Sonoma Diet - The Three Waves

Wave One of the Sonoma Diet concentrates on turning bad eating habits into good eating habits.

Wave Two places the focus on health and pleasure.

Wave Three involves the weight maintenance phase.

Diet Bites Review of The Sonoma Diet

The Sonoma Diet appears to have several strengths:

Emphasizes a healthy diet;

The diet appears to be tasty and flavorful;

The author of The Sonoma Diet has very notable credentials;

Many individuals have already achieved great success with The Sonoma Diet.

We suggest that you get with your doctor for a thumb's up before beginning any diet plan, but while you are there - ask your doctor about The Sonoma Diet. This may be your ticket to a healthier mode of weight loss.

Summing It Up

The Sonoma Diet appears to be healthy, flavorful and fun. But is it 'The Best Diet Plan'? And by that, we mean - the healthiest, the one that will keep that lost fat permanently gone...

The Best Diet Plan

When Losing Weight, Only the Best Diet Plan Will Do!

The search zombies show that every diet and weight loss website claims to have 'The Best Diet Plan'.

Some of those 'best diets' are fad while some are fab. But the key isn't in the diet itself - or the menus; success depends upon the dieter and how far they are willing to go to lose weight.

With this said, the absolute best diet plan that you can choose is one that you'll stick with from start to finish - finish meaning 'that moment when you reach your weight loss goal'.

The best diet begins with a plan set out.   It's like going on a trip with a map. You have all the roads etched out and they help guide you to your final destination.

- Maps also contain several routes which you can use to reach your destination. There are short routes, long routes, and those that move through congested traffic.

Several Routes: The dieter can choose a healthy diet plan based on the Food Pyramid Groups or a fad diet, or simply discard commercially prepared foods and go all-natural.

As to the short routes, those generally encompass the dieter throwing everything they have into their diet plan until they reach their goals.

The long route may be for dieters who want to lose weight gradually - and safely. They know they'll reach their weight goal at some point but time isn't of the essence.

Long Route Dieters are generally comprised of senior adults who are eating to become healthier or who need to battle a particular disease or long-term illness.

Congested Traffic: The dieter is doing their best to follow their weight loss plan but things keep getting in the way like...conflicting advice, the holidays, vacation time and cupcakes.

- Mirror your diet after a road map. Plan for emergency situations such as potential bingeing. Always have an alternate route you can take.

With willpower and a good diet plan, you'll be reaching that magic number on your weight loss scales in no time!

The Magic Mirror

Do you like what you see in the mirror? Most people don't - even those who have beautiful bodies, ideal measurements and yes, pretty heads.

On the other hand, most people are satisfied with their features and if they could have the ability to change anything about them, it would be their weight.

So if you're looking to look thin, the following articles may be of help to you in losing that unwanted weight. Just keep in mind that once you lose the unwanted weight, the same 'you' will always exist - you'll just have a thinner reflection.  

We work towards impressing the importance of being healthy above all other personal goals related to fitness.

Everyone likes to feel like they belong, and that is especially true when working in the 'real' world. The fact that you have a boss is humbling. It doesn't feel comfortable knowing that no matter how great your boss can be, there are those moments of authority.

A diet can present those same controlling, humbling feelings. A diet can make you feel depressed, deprived and totally not-in-charge.

You don't want a diet like that! That type of diet is doomed from the word 'go'.   A successful diet is one where you retain control of what you eat, how   much you eat and the activity that you enjoy.  

Enjoy is a key Weight Loss word. If you don't enjoy you're diet, it's just not going to last.

Therefore, take charge and make it happen for you!


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