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Sandwich Calories

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Good & Perhaps Surprising News - All of the Sandwiches Can Fit Into a Healthy Weight Loss Plan

A successful weight loss plan involves turning our unhealthier favorite foods and beverages into healthy selections. Let's look at each of the sandwiches posted in our data chart below and see how we can make them healthier.

1. Pimento Cheese: By using reduced fat cheese and light Mayo in our recipe, we can trim calories substantially.

2. Grilled Cheese: Use reduced fat margarine and the thin-slices of cheese.

3. Ham & Cheese: Purchase the leanest ham available and use the recommended serving amount. Add a slice of 45 - 50 calorie cheese and spread on the mayo. Add healthy vegetables such as lettuce and tomato to the sandwich. Use whole grain bread.

4. Fried Bologna: Opting for the reduced fat bologna will slash calories and fat grams substantially.

5. Sub Sandwich with Tuna: Prepare your own at home using tuna that is packed in water. Use light Mayo in the recipe and use it sparingly. Rather than a huge submarine bun, opt for either a small bun or two slices of whole grain bread containing about 60 calories each.

6. Regular Cheeseburger: Order from the kid's menu and your burger should be well below 400 calories.

7. Fish Sandwich: Ask your server to go light in adding the tartar sauce; if the sandwich comes with cheese, consider leaving it off.

8. Cold Cut OR Roast Beef Sub: Opt for the small bun, use mustard and add tons of fresh vegetables.

9. Taco: Omit the sour cream and when preparing at home use extra lean ground beef.

10. Hotdog: Omit the chili and order the 6" hotdog over the foot-long size.

Calorie Data Based on 1 Sandwich Containing 2 Slices of Whole Grain Bread as Commonly Prepared

The following chart lists the calorie values of popular sandwiches. Can they fit into your healthy weight loss plan?

And which are the healthiest choices? The unhealthiest choices?


Pimento Cheese: one ounce of shredded cheese prepared with regular Mayo, drained jarred pimentos = 250 kcals

Grilled Cheese: 1 slice of 70-kcal cheese and 1 Tablespoon of regular margarine used for toasting = 350 kcals

Hotdog, with chili and onions = 350+ kcals

Ham & Cheese - prepared with mustard, 1 slice of cheese and deli ham, lettuce and slices of tomato. Add 80 kcals when Mayo is used. About 250 kcals.

Fried Bologna (regular, not low fat) - prepared with mustard and one slice of Cheddar cheese = 260 kcals.

Fast foods, submarine sandwich, with tuna salad, 6" in length = 584 kcals.

Small Cheeseburger prepared with vegetables, mustard, ketchup; subtract 50 calories for Hamburger. About 300 kcals.

Fish sandwich, with tartar sauce and cheese = 400 to over 500 kcals. The amount of tartar sauce used greatly influences the caloric value.

Chicken fillet sandwich, plain = 515 kcals.

Submarine sandwich, with cold cuts, 6" in length, with mustard = 450 kcals.

submarine sandwich, with roast beef with mustard, 6" = 410 kcals.

Taco - a Mexican Style Sandwich, 1 large prepared with 3 ounces of regular (not reduced fat) ground beef. About 400 kcals.


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