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Smash Fat Diet Review
& The Smash Diet Review

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Independent Review of the Smash Fat Diet

Before reviewing the Smash Fat Diet by Ian K. Smith, we'd like to note that several 'Smash Diets' abound online. It may sound repetitive, but it's vital that an individual meet with their physician before proceeding with a weight loss plan.

The Smash Fat Diet -by Ian K. Smith

This four-phase diet is used on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club and begins with a nine-day, natural detox intended to cleanse the body of impurities.

Three phases follow in this 90-day program.

The Smash Fat Diet appears to be an instant smash for many seeking weight loss for life, and a healthier body. However, in our research we discovered mixed reviews.

The Smash Fat Diet may be rather strict to suit some individual's busy lifestyles even though the diet is built around economical, quickly prepared meals.

The intense exercise goal of one hour five days per week combined with weight lifting also may prove too much for many dieters.

The underlying theory of the Smash Fat Diet echoes the most basic of Diet Principles: eat wise, eat healthy, exercise, lose weight forever.

Review of The Smash Diet

Not to be confused with the SMASH FAT DIET developed by Ian K. Smith OR The DASH Diet.

The Smash Diet is a $9.95 downloadable diet software diet invented by a team of doctors for fast weight loss based on the chemical requirements of the body, claiming weight loss results of ten pounds in seven days.

The $9.95 Smash Diet download will give the purchaser the complete shopping list for the seven day diet cycle, a support system for after the diet, including step-by-step instructions to make the process easy.

The Smash Diet Formula

The Smash Diet formula for weight loss results appears to be based upon a formula used for heart patients in need of losing weight quickly.

We must note that generally the quick-reducing diets for heart patients are attempted while under the strict supervision of the heart doctor or treating physician. 

Generally, quick weight loss is necessary in heart patients so that a certain treatment or surgical procedure can be performed.

We could not find a sample menu for the diet and due to the limited information surrounding this diet, we recommend meeting with your doctor to discuss before purchasing.

Tips for a Successful Diet

Preparing for the Battle of the Bulge ensures victory. Six diet tips and the things that you need to know before beginning any diet plan are:

1. Get Motivated - The spirit & drive that keeps you motivated to battle the bulge.

To make weight loss successful, get motivated. Whether it's ear-marking a favorite book or website that provides inspiration, or attending group meetings - getting motivated is one of your most important keys to unlocking the door to Weight Loss Success.

2.  Determine the Reasons Why You Want to Lose Weight - The reasons why you want to fight the bulge.

For better health, for appearance's sake, professional reasons or simply to avoid future risks - pinpointing the reasons for the desire for weight loss will assist you in keeping in touch with the importance of seeing the diet end successfully.

3. Weight Loss Plan - The armor and strength during the weight loss journey.

Only a fool would enter a battle without a plan for success. A successful diet plan not only addresses the beginning of the diet but follows throughout until weight loss success has been accomplished.

4. Back-Up Weight Loss Plan - The shield that protects against things that threaten the diet.

As with mortal battle, there are many unknowns while dieting. A back-up plan ensures that weight loss goes forward. It is one of the most important and vital elements in regards to Weight Loss Strategy.

5. Reality Check - The mind is more powerful than the tummy.

Set weight loss and fitness goals that are realistic. If you have a lot of weight to lose, try setting your goals in ten pound increments.

Achieving tiny goals along the way boosts motivation for weight loss. In addition, accept the fact that weight loss is achievable.

If you don't believe in yourself, it allows room for doubt.

Although many overweight individuals believe that they can never reach their recommended weight, it simply boils down to thedesire to drop pounds overcoming the desire to enjoy that extra helping of food, or that yummy sugar-loaded, fat-stacked snack.

6. Prevent Failure - The sword that staves off the potential for weight loss failure.

When something doesn't work, we-humans tend to repeat the process and hope that 'this time' the results will turn out differently. Unfortunately, that line of thinking keeps us spinning in an unending circle. This said, if a previous diet didn't work, try something different.

And of course, before beginning any diet or weight loss plan, you should always meet with your health care giver.

Dieting Tips That Work to Achieve Permanent Weight Loss

- Stick to single servings at meal time.

- Build your daily diet around the healthy Food Pyramid.

- Opt for fresh fruit for dessert as well as for snack times.

- Embrace an exercise or activity that you enjoy and stick with it for life.

- Beverages can add a plethora of calories to the daily diet so choose wisely.

- Get adequate sleep. Keep in mind that relaxation must balance activity for maximum health benefits.


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