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RelacoreTM Side Effects, Our Review

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Part of Diet Bites 'Looking Out For Your Good Health' Series

Diet Bites reader reviews & experiences with Relacore:

Relacore Side Effects, Health Impact

Interested in taking Relacore with cortisol for fighting belly fat but you would like more information before purchasing? If so, we hope the following information is of help for your good health. 

We would like to point out a potentially life threatening disease associated with high levels of cortisol in the body. Higher than normal levels of cortisol may indicate a serious hormonal disease called Cushing's Syndrome (Cushing's Disease, Hypercortisolism). Cushing's Syndrome affects about ten to fifteen in one million individuals annually.

If you are currently experiencing the following symptoms associated with Cushing's Syndrome please see your doctor asap.

  • unexplained weight gain
  • round appearance in face
  • upper body obesity (fat around the middle)
  • fat around the neck
  • severe fatigue, including weakness
  • high blood pressure
  • high blood sugar
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • thinning of the hair OR excessive hair growth in unusual places such as on the face, thighs & abdomen (found generally in women)
  • decreased sex drive
  • menstrual disturbances
  • thinning arms & legs

As Relacore advertising suggests, you should get your healthcare professional's approval before use. If your doctor suspects that you have a high level of cortisol contributing to weight gain, tests may be performed to confirm the diagnosis. As a note, measures taken in an effort to reduce cortisol levels in individuals who currently do not have an unhealthy cortisol level may present health risks.

If you are at childbearing age, it is extremely important that you get with your doctor before taking Relacore as pregnant and nursing moms should not take this product.

What is Relacore Intended To Do?

Relacore depicts a link between stress and belly fat. 

The makers of Relacore, the Carter-Reed Company, claim that Relacore with cortisol fights and shrinks belly fat, reduces stress, fights mid-day fatigue, reduces mild anxiety, and reduces certain types of depression while increasing energy.

What is Cortisol?

In a nut shell, cortisol is just one of the hormones secreted by the adrenal glands many times, during stressful situations. In some individuals, too much or too little cortisol may be present. 

General Consensus: A high level of cortisol may increase appetite in some individuals.  

Side Effects for Relacore 

Relacore claims no known 'negative' side effects from use of Relacore. However, side effects reported on the web from individuals who have used Relacore include:

 Weight Gain
 Heart Palpitations

 Blurred Vision

 Blood Pressure Fluctuation




 Headaches - minor to severe



 Disruption in the menses including severe cramping, irregular cycles, lengthy periods.

As a note, weight gain, blood pressure issues, and menstrual issues are three key symptoms of Cushing's Disease. Many of the other symptoms indicate adrenal issues, as well as heart issues.

Therefore, if these individual claims are correct, one should be extremely cautious before personally attempting to adjust cortisol levels. 

This doesn't mean that the individuals experiencing the above symptoms have - or will develop Cushing's Disease. 

The point is that when cortisol levels are adjusted without the oversight of a professional physician, significant health risks may occur. Only a qualified professional can verify if an individual has too much cortisol.

Most common symptoms reported by the readers at Diet Bites who took Relacore include:

- severe muscle weakness in my legs causing me to not be able to stand or walk at times.

- higher than normal blood pressure
- vision impairment
- weight gain
- difficultly sleeping - both insomnia & in feeling tired
- dizziness
- severe headaches
- joint pain
- swelling
- difficulty concentrating

Relacore Ads Recommend That The Following Should Be Combined With Relacore :


 Proper Diet

Relacore claims that significant results take about 30 days. The current cost is about $35.00 to $50.00 per bottle of 90 pills at one capsule, three times per day.

If you would like more information about Relacore, we recommend that you get with your healthcare professional.

Independent Relacore Reviews

Thank you readers for sharing your Relacore experience with other readers at Diet Bites.

Relacor Reader Review by Mike in Gulfport

Hi, just looking at your listed side effects.  I am a bit on the bi-polar side. My wife noticed I was easier to get along with about the same time I started taking Relacore.  She says she can tell when Iím on it and when Iím not because Iím a nicer person when I am.  If I take too much of it, I get a head ache, but I guess itís better I get one than become one.

Relacor Reader Review by Connie

I had been taking Relacore PM for about a 10 days, but I had to stop!

I could not sleep at all after taking it. And when I did sleep I had nightmares. I did not see any weight loss at all. I have been gaining weight for about 4 years. I went from 135 to 217 in 4 years. I understand I'm getting older. I am female and 48 years old.

Relacor Reader Review by Anon

My experience with Relacore. I have a friend that began taking Relacore to aid in her losing weight around her mid section. She cut back on her food portions and began a walking routine. However, she did not lose weight.  Instead, she gained weight, proportionate throughout her body. She couldn't understand it, she said, however, she did report that she felt better, emotionally. She seemed to handle the office stress better on the Relacore, than before Relacore.  She also said that she could handle the pms better on Relacore, as well.

So, I got to thinking, I could use that calming factor in my life as well.  So I got some Relacore.  Just before taking Relacore, I weigh 143 and at my height is  5' 4", that puts me at about 20 lbs. overweight.  After beginning Relacore, I (spring here) became more active, with activities such as, swimming on Saturdays, gardening, and walking. 

I have also been feeling tight in my chest, and my (borderline high blood pressure), is now quickly reading in the stage 2 hypertension, (guess I skipped stage 1, before I even suspected a problem with Relacore). I am also having headaches. Keep in mind, I have only been taking this for 1 month, and only 1/2 the recommended dosage. So I am going off Relacore. 

So I have been taking Relacore for 1 month now, and instead of losing weight, I have gained weight, (especially) in my mid section, - (which is why I'm on this site, I search engined, (Relacore + weight gain). Thanks, a Reader



Relacor Reader Review by DM, Spokane, WA

I'm 56 years old and began taking Relacore nearly six weeks ago.  I have had terrible headaches, swelling... especially in my feet, but also in my hands, face, and joints; my hip joints aching the most.

I've NEVER had joint pain in my entire life! 

I've also experienced pimples that border on being boils...I haven't had pimples since my menstrual cycle ended years ago and I've never had boil like bumps on my neck. 

I've quit taking the Relacore ten days ago and the headaches have subsided...the swelling is nearly gone, although my hips still hurt.  The pimples on my face have gone away, but the large boil like pimples on my neck have only reduced about 1/2.

I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone!!!  I'm very disappointed and disgusted...the bottle said NO SIDE EFFECTS!  I don't understand how a company can get away with lying to the public.  Hopefully the side effects will go away entirely and I can get back to feeling like myself again. DM Spokane WA

Relacor Reader Review by Meg

Hello, I took my third dose of Relacore this morning and went into anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction). I was a bit itchy after the second dose and noticed what might have been a welt on my hand last night. 

When I took the third dose this morning, my tongue started swelling, my pulse went up to 146 and my blood pressure was 164/98, with the monitor registering some irregularities on the EKG. (I'm a medical student and have access to an automated BP monitor). 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I read warnings of similar experiences on different dietary supplement websites and didn't take them seriously.  I really want to emphasize to potential Relacore users that this can be a very dangerous

Meg, PhD MPH
Medical Student
University of Pittsburgh

Reader Review by AP in Michigan

The severe headache began three weeks into taking Relacore. I had wanted to rid myself of belly fat but I had not expected becoming so ill in the process.

With the headaches came dizzy spells. With the dizzy spells came a sick feeling to my belly, like I was going to puke.

A close friend is a nurse and kindly checked my blood pressure which was elevated. He suggested that I get off the Relacore asap which I did.

Within a week my blood pressure had returned to normal. The headaches were gone. No more dizziness either. No more sick to my stomach feeling either.

Thank you Diet Bites for allowing me to share my experience with Relacore. I would tell anyone to talk with a qualified doctor before taking Relacore. I am very worried about the long time results this will have on my body and have made an appointment with a doctor to discuss this.

I do not know if the Relacore is responsible for my headaches, dizzy feelings, sick stomach feelings and high blood pressure readings but it is strange that how everything went back to normal after I quit taking Relacore. AP, Michigan

Reader Review by Cindy in Ohio

I have been taking Relacore for several weeks. I liked the way it made me feel-relaxed and calmer. I haven't noticed a difference in my weight.

The biggest difference is in my menstrual periods. I had a period two weeks ago and that was normal; I was still adjusting to the Relacore and I wasn't taking it on a regular basis.

Then I suddenly had another one this week which was very heavy and painful. I realized that it must be the Relacore and I have stopped it-causing my period to stop as well. On the box it says that it can increase estrogen which I believe is the cause of the period being so strong. Cindy in Ohio

Reader Review by Paula

I have been taking Relacore for about a month now.  I thought at first I felt more energetic but lately that has dwindled off and I am feeling back to my old self again. 

I started getting pimples again in the last two weeks and my hair has all of a sudden gone completely lifeless and I have developed scalp sores to the point where I now have swollen glands on the back of my head and in my neck. 

I have added nothing new since takingthe Relacore and it would only make sense that it could be the Relacore causing my problems.  I have had bouts of dizziness too in the last month that are getting better but still occur once in a while.  To top it all off, I haven't lost a pound of weight, even with cutting back on portions and exercising. 

I am, as of today, going to stop taking Relacore and see what happens.  I have an appointment to see a doctor regarding my scalp lesions and swollen glands.  Again, I have not changed hair products at all so I've done nothing different in the hair department to cause scalp irritation.  I just hope my hair doesn't start to fall out now.

I guess I have fallen victim to another "weight loss cure" that doesn't work.  Paula

Reader Review by Paul R.

I have tried relacore for approximately a week. Since I have taken it I have experienced dizziness, nausea and I have also experienced some severe headaches.

I don't know what is making this happen. I am a male over 40 and was looking forward to losing some weight but will return to the conventional way. Thank you, Paul R.


Reader Review by CB

I'm a 56 year old female going through menopause and have been taking Relacor as directed for about five months.  I have not experienced any of the side effects listed, but I have experienced cycles of precipitous weight loss and don't quite know what to make of it. 

My problem dieting in the past seemed to be a sluggish digestive system and difficulty metabolizing sugar.  I have a retail job that entails walking or standing all day, plus I walk my dogs about 2 miles a day so I was getting plenty of exercise.  Yet if I ate, say, black coffee and Cheerios for breakfast (no sugar), a salad for lunch and a diet TV dinner and salad for dinner I wouldn't lose any weight. 

Yesterday I had a large bowl of oatmeal with sugar, orange juice, a cinnamon raisin bagel, a bowl of chicken noodle soup with a roll, a large chocolate chip cookie, 4-5 cups of coffee with half and half, a diet TV dinner and a salad with regular dressing, and a handful of walnuts - yet I lost two pounds overnight. 

In 5 months I've lost 17 pounds and have reached my goal and then some.  I have continued to take Relacor but I'm not watching what I eat anymore. I have high energy levels and enthusiasm (I just started a fun new job so that's part of it) but I'm a little taken to continue to lose weight with an eating pattern that used to put weight on me.  I'm beginning to worry that I'm getting too thin. CB

Reader Review by Joan in Dallas, Texas

I gained five pounds in two weeks while taking Relacore. I had expected so much and wanted my belly fat to be gone forever.

I have paid people to help me lose weight in the past but I have never paid anyone to help me gain weight! Now I have even more belly fat and a big fat credit card bill for Relacore. Also I did not feel very energetic while taking Relacore. Thanks, Joan in Dallas

Reader Review by Frank, Delaware

This is in regards to your review of Relacore. The potential side effects for Relacore that you listed were:

- Weight Gain
- Heart Palpitations
- Blurred Vision
- Blood Pressure Fluctuation
- Drowsiness
- Dizziness
- Nausea
- Headaches - minor to severe
- Acne
- Welts
- Disruption in the menses including severe cramping, irregular cycles, lengthy periods.

The only symptom that I didn't experience while taking Relacore was a disruption in the menses! I would not recommend taking Relacore to anyone!!!!! PO'ed in Delaware, Frank

Reader Review by Fran

I am writing you to please warn other people that Relacore is dangerous. I am 52, and have always been in good physical condition.  Also, I am 5'2", and have always had the propensity to gain weight, but because I am so active, a lot of my weight is muscle.

In the past few years, I went through a job change, and also got remarried. I wanted to look like I did when I was 35, so about 1 year ago, I tried Relacore. 

The 1st bottle seemed to work, a little. Lucky for me, I am very busy during the day, so I keep my dosage to two in the morning...and would forget to take the other two dosages.

I bought a total of four to five bottles over the past year. Once in a while I would remember to take a seconddose, and I would notice rapid heart beats. I kept taking it on and off for about one year. I started taking it AFTER my Dr. appointment.

Because I believe in yearly pap screenings, I saw my Dr. on Jan 30 - to our amazement, my blood pressure was 155/100. I have always had a normal blood pressure reading. 

At that very moment, I did not put the two together, until I left the doctors office, then it all came together. I immediately stopped taking that junk... in one day my blood pressure dropped by 10 points, top and bottom and I pray that it will continue. I am now having to see the Dr. twice a week for two weeks to monitor my pressure. 

In retrospect... there were a lot of other side effects. I was extremely tired, then when I tried to sleep, I was not sleeping at all, at best in 3 hour increments, I did lose some hair, and the real stickler is I gained about 6 pounds - and I was eating less!

...I am very lucky that I did not experience some of the side effects that other people have. It has been 3 days since I took two capsules, and last night was the 1st night in a long time that I sleep soundly.

Again, I pray that it has not done permanent damage with my blood pressure. Please warn other people. I hope that I can get this stuff out of my system soon. Thank you.

PS: This is a follow up to my previous email. I forgot to mention...and this is very important...I have ached so much over the past couple months I wanted to die. Some days I could not move, hardly being able to get up from my desk at work. 

When I cleaned a little on Sat. morning, by noon all I could do was sit, and my body throbbed. But because I have horses and am active, I pushed myself. I blamed it on age, but as I read that other people have had side effects of aching...I now KNOW that it was from the Relacore. 

Again, it has been 3 days since my last poison pill...and my aches have noticeably lessened. I will be taking that last bottle back to the store for a full refund - as I will need the money for the Dr. visits.

Relacor Reader Review by RD

I just returned from the doctor because of severe muscle weakness in my legs causing me to not be able to stand or walk at times. The doctor believes it is due to the relacore that I have been taking over the last five days.

Relacor Reader Review by Mary

I started Relacore about a day ago and I experienced a severe headache. I have never had a headache as bad as that. I do not recommend Relacore to anyone. Mary

Relacor Reader Review by RC

I have been taking Relacore for about 6 weeks to help with my program of exercise. I am 52, 6'3" and 270 pounds. I have type 2 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Because of this, I am paying careful attention to exercise and diet- it is essential to get my weight down and it is a matter of life and death for me.

While I have lost seventeen pounds so far, I think it is mostly due to my exercise regimen and to watching the type and quantity of food I ingest.

I used Relacore mostly to help boost my metabolism as it is really slow. Recently I had to take a physical and much to my surprise, my blood pressure was 150/110. This is higher than it has ever been in my life. My normal blood pressure, as measured by my endocrinologist, is usually around 120/70. In addition, I did poorly on the visual portion of the exam, although my lasik-corrected vision was measured at 20/15.

I have discontinued Relacore. Although I take other medication, I never experienced the above effects prior to using Relacore.

In its defense, though Relacore did help me lose some weight, its health risks outweigh its benefits for me. I will now lose weight in the conventional way. It's harder but a helluva lot safer.


This is an independent review and Diet Bites makes no claims or disclaims on Relacore. This independent review is provided as a service to our readers for informational purposes only. Please see your doctor before taking any non-prescription formula for weight loss. Those sharing their experience with Dieting Bites have given permission to post and share their Relacore experience with our readers.

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