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Independent Relacore Reviews - Page 10

Written by Diet Bites

Relacor Reader Review by RD

I just returned from the doctor because of severe muscle weakness in my legs causing me to not be able to stand or walk at times. The doctor believes it is due to the relacore that I have been taking over the last five days.

Relacor Reader Review by Mary

I started Relacore about a day ago and I experienced a severe headache. I have never had a headache as bad as that. I do not recommend Relacore to anyone. Mary

Relacor Reader Review by RC

I have been taking Relacore for about 6 weeks to help with my program of exercise. I am 52, 6'3" and 270 pounds. I have type 2 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Because of this, I am paying careful attention to exercise and diet- it is essential to get my weight down and it is a matter of life and death for me.

While I have lost seventeen pounds so far, I think it is mostly due to my exercise regimen and to watching the type and quantity of food I ingest.

I used Relacore mostly to help boost my metabolism as it is really slow. Recently I had to take a physical and much to my surprise, my blood pressure was 150/110. This is higher than it has ever been in my life. My normal blood pressure, as measured by my endocrinologist, is usually around 120/70. In addition, I did poorly on the visual portion of the exam, although my lasik-corrected vision was measured at 20/15.

I have discontinued Relacore. Although I take other medication, I never experienced the above effects prior to using Relacore.

In its defense, though Relacore did help me lose some weight, its health risks outweigh its benefits for me. I will now lose weight in the conventional way. It's harder but a helluva lot safer.

Relacore Reader Reviews - 1 | Relacore Reader Reviews - 2 | View Diet Bites' Relacore Review, Including Potential Side Effects

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