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Calories - Glass or Cup? 
The Surprising Difference

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

We wanted to show our readers how important it is to distinguish between GLASS & CUP. One of the glasses below contains almost three cups.

If the glass contained whole milk at 150 calories per CUP, that 'serving' would translate into about 450 innocent calories. Using this example, it's easy to see why we need to determine the size of our glass.

The small juice glass contains one cup of water.

The Coca-Cola glass contains two cups of water with room to spare.

The cup with the red rim contains close to three cups of water.

Keep in mind that the next time someone suggests a 'glass' of anything while dieting - be sure to determine the size of the glass. 

This is one of the major flaws with the official American Food Pyramid; the guidelines are based on 'glasses' rather than cups. In their official recommendations, they set forth 'eight glasses of water per day' rather than 'eight cups of water per day'.

If that glass is a small one, the individual may not be drinking ample fluids. If it's too large, they could be going a bit overboard based on this recommendation.

We wanted to show you that you can save calories in your daily diet by simply choosing adequate containers for your meals - as well as for the other beverages throughout your day.

If you have a tall glass that is very thin and which holds about 1 cup of liquid - this makes a great drinking container because you're less apt to drink more because it's presenting the illusion that you're getting more beverage - so you're more likely to be satisfied.

If you're a coffee lover and you have a large container that you use for your coffee - and if you're a cream and sugar lover, then you can easily be getting two to three hundred calories in that one giant 'cup'.

Be very mindful of the types of beverages that you choose to put inside your cup. One cup, two cups, three cups, four, Oh look, I've thrown my lying scales right out the door.  

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