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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Lots of Pictures for Planning Your Diet on the Food Pyramid

We have posted several images within this page which can assist in planning your weight loss diet using the American Food Pyramid OR the official food guide for your country.

We start out with the basic Food Pyramid picture. It lists the food groups and recommended serving sizes.

My Plate Image, a Poor Source for Information

Beside this picture we have the updated Food Plate.

Unlike the pyramid it doesn't provide the number of daily servings which contribute to optimum health. We feel that the My Plate image is geared more towards a 'picture book' experience than to adults seeking authoritative nutritional information in meal planning.

Sure, it's colorful, but how many daily servings do we need? In addition, while the human body requires fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains and dairy - there are sub-groups within the main food groups which require satisfying in order to obtain the healthiest of body.

For example, if we choose to eat nothing excepting green beans from the vegetable group, our body would quickly experience health issues. If we choose fruits lacking Vitamin C dietary needs, we would end up with health issues. So a healthy diet plan is more than simply choosing a serving from the food groups. It's more about the types of foods that are chosen which impact our health.

You may have gathered that Diet Bites considered the Food Plate pretty much useless. We continue to base our data on the Food Pyramid.

Picture of Food Pyramid, Food Group Servings

Picture of America Food Pyramid


Picture of American Food Plate

Examples of Healthy Meal Plates Built on Food Pyramid Recommendations

examples of meal plates using Food Pyramid

Picture of Vegetarian Food Pyramid

The Vegan dieter is challenged in getting in a healthy amount of protein daily. Rather than animal proteins, their diet often contains eggs, milk, nuts, seeds, beans and legumes.

As a side note, there are many different types of Vegans. Some don't consume any products which were produced by animals - such as eggs and milk.

picture of Vegetarian Food Pyramid

Logic Required for Meal Planning

We created the following two pictures based on recommended servings from the Food Pyramid. We wanted to show that smart meal planning is about more than simply picking foods from the official food groups.

It's also the types of foods from these groups which matter as all contain different caloric values.

The first image is based on the daily recommended maximum servings from the Food Pyramid. Serving sizes are based on official guidelines as to 'the correct amount qualified as a serving size'.

The second image is also based on maximum recommended servings BUT the difference in caloric values is astounding!

The serving sizes from the official groups are the same - yet the calories increased substantially because foods which were higher in calories were chosenthroughout the day.

Meals, based on Food Pyramid, about 1800 calories

Meals, based on Food Pyramid, about 3600 calories

Pictures of Food Pyramid

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