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Diet Craving Tips

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Food Craving Tips While Dieting

When we can't get our mind off a particular food that we're craving, we can handle the situation in several different ways.

We Can Resist Cravings

1. We can deal with the craving and move on to other things that will occupy our thoughts.

We can even find things to entertain our thoughts so that we complete forget about that craving.

We can ask, "Where does this food or goody reside in the Official Food Pyramid?" If the food can't be quickly placed within one of the five food groups, then we would be very wise to move on.

We Can Surrender to Cravings

2. We can succumb - but to a controlled level. For example, if we're craving a slice of banana cake with a thick layer of buttercream frosting, then we can have a very small slice - or sampling of the cake. And that's all. After the sampling, we can turn and walk away.

After all, it only takes a few minutes - or at times, a few seconds to eat a certain something. Those seconds or minutes can equal the difference in a healthy weight or being overweight. It's our choice. We must decide if the food or goody is worthy of those extra pounds.

We Can Binge When Cravings Tempt Us

3. We can throw caution to the wind and eat all of the tempting goody that we want.

The main issue with this situation is that even after we've plundered our appetite on that certain special something, we may feel satisfied right after we eat - but we'll most likely be burdened with a feeling of guilt.

We may chastise our actions - and become angry with our own self for surrendering to something as 'benign' as food. But while that certain something may be benign in small amounts, it can be deadly to our weighing scales amid the days that follow our splurge.

In addition, after a few hours pass and that goody's had time to digest, we feel hungry again. And guess what? Even after we have become upset with our self for surrendering to the lion's den rather than surrendering to thin, we find that we're craving that naughty goody - yet again!

Controlled Amounts of Food to Curb Bingeing, Lesson Temptation

This is just one reason why it's a great idea to purchase certain goodies that we find irresistible or tempting in controlled amounts.

A bag of cookies may present great temptation and the dieter may be unable to enjoy one or two as recommended on the nutrition label's serving size.

This is a situation where purchasing cookies in 100 calorie packages makes a better solution, albeit more expensive than the bag of cookies. A solution of course is to do a bit of packaging with the big bag of cookies once we arrive home from the market.

Lower Calories Recipes for When Cravings Hit

4. If you are finding it difficult to resist certain foods - try to find lower calorie recipes for these temptations. For example, dieter Bambi is having difficulty resisting fresh baked bread. And it's not only the bread - but also the things that she likes to add to the bread such as preserves, jams, jelly, peanut butter, margarine and at times, butter.

A great solution for Bambi would be low calorie crumpets, a half of a whole grain English muffin or one-half of a whole grain bagel. The low calorie diet bread is also a great option for a skinny 35 calories per slice.

She can even enjoy fresh baked breads - such as a dinner roll, but she must enjoy one and be done - or weight gain might become her next troubling issue. It's a lot easier to worry about not being able to enjoy that certain special something than it is to fret over our weight - and the health issues that too much weight can bring.

By remaining steadfast to the reliable Food Pyramid, opting for fresh fruit over sugary desserts and so forth - we can obtain a sleeker, healthier body.

While the Food Pyramid is not perfect by any means, it's the best pattern that we have in our modern day world for healthy eating as well as for ensuring that we're receiving adequate nutritional needs.

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