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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Journaling Increases Weight Loss Success Odds

Journaling your progress while dieting is one method of keeping on top of your diet plan. You'll have a increased success rate of meeting your goals, given this level of dedication.

It will also assist in identifying hot spots and help you make adjustments as you keep on track.

There will be numerous avenues of temptation while you are on the path leading to weight loss success. This applies to all dieters.

Many will succumb to temptation and go completely off the path and may not ever pass that way again while others may keep returning time and time again. And the great news is that even a few of the dieters who succumb will get right back on track and achieve all of their weight loss goals.

There will also be a select few who will resist temptation; these are the dieters who have that something extra - that extra oomph, that special something called willpower and motivation. It's THE most powerful tool within the dieter's toolbox.

These dieters truly believe that if they want to lose weight, then they can do exactly that. If they want to munch on a bag of cookies and surrender to temptation, they can also do exactly that.

One path leads towards a healthier, lighter life while the other leads to temporary satisfaction and an unhealthier way of life.

Many times we have been asked which is best - to be fat and fit OR thin and unfit. The discussion, and at times - the argument over this topic will continue throughout eternity, but one thing is for certain; even an overweight individual who is considered 'fit' can achieve a much higher level of health if they lose to their ideal weight.

Fit or not, the body's skeletal frame was built to carry x-amount of weight. The added pressure will 'over time' cause a breakdownwhich can trigger all sorts of painful incidences.

Even losing a small amount of weight can reduced high blood pressure, as well as take some pressure off of the skeletal system. If for nothing else, we should strive to be at our ideal weight for our body frame's state of health.

Once it crumbles, we're dead in the water as far as free movement is concerned.

Fist Steps Towards Weight Loss

We're going to do a step-by-step visual, depicting [in a fun way] how the desire for weight loss starts and progresses.

These situations can apply personally to you in other areas - and it's good to make notes. It can assist in guiding you in the right, healthy direction when challenges occur along the pathway leading to a leaner you.

In the image below we have Fred. He is wanting to lose excess pounds. Trouble is, he is like most individuals who want to lose weight - and who have went on a diet before but either regained the weight or they found that their weight loss plan simply did not work.

This time, Fred is hugely motivated to lose the excess weight.

While he wants to lose weight, he also wants to have a healthier body. He isn't that concerned about his looks; his interest is more in the area of a healthier body.

But Fred needs a lot of help because right out of the gate he is already entertaining a weight loss plan that will deliver QUICK, INSTANT weight loss results.

This typically equals a fad diet plan. And if you think really hard, have you ever known anyone who went on a wacky diet and kept the lost weightoff permanently?

Neither has Food Pyramid Fred. So he quickly amends his thoughts to include a healthy diet plan. Now we're headed down the right path.

Suddenly, he has some help as a savvy weight loss guru appears dressed in spiffy striped pants. He looks official enough, doesn't he? With the barbells and such.... So yes, Fred is in very capable hands.

The weight loss guru is preparing to alert Fred on the official Food Pyramid.

At this point Fred should get out his journal and start making notes.

Journaling, foods to eat while dieting.

Food Pyramid slide for journaling.


Journaling, foods to eat while dieting.

Food Pyramid Recommended Food Group Servings, Guidelines

Food Pyramid slide for journaling.

The weight loss guru directs Fred on articles related to the Food Pyramid and gives him an assignment - that being, to read and get acquainted with the Food Pyramid, it's Food Groups and other recommendations.

Articles on the Food Pyramid & Dieting

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Resisting Temptation While Dieting

The weight loss guru leaves Fred to his reading and is now assisting Bambi who is having difficulty resisting fresh baked bread. Now anyone can see that Bambi doesn't need to lose weight; she is absolutely perfect - from her smile to her beautifully-shaped legs.


Food Pyramid slide for journaling.

Food Pyramid slide for journaling.

Food Pyramid slide for journaling.

In Conclusion

On that note, have you ever heard someone tell another individual who was at their ideal weight, "Oh go ahead - you can have that piece of chocolate cake; you don't need to worry about gaining weight. You're just right where your weight is concerned."

Unfortunately, individuals like Bambi have to be as careful as any dieter about what they consume throughout the day. If Bambi let her cravings loose on the fresh baked bread - she would gain weight.

As to the term 'dieter' everyone of us is on a daily diet and we'll remain such until the end of our days. So why not make it a healthy diet! The choices we make will be reflected on the weight scales. And when we make healthy choices from the Food Pyramid, we're doing our very best to keep our weight at a healthy level while providing the adequate nutritional needs to our body. Remember what we said earlier about those vitamins and minerals; if we don't feed our body adequate amounts - this impacts what we weigh.


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