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Food Pyramid Daily Intake

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Official Food Pyramid for weight loss - hey, now we're talking!

Look at our data chart below as we reference it in this article. It provides an astounding amount of healthy dieting information - in a capsule.

What's the old saying? One picture equals a thousand words? Never truer than in our potentially award winning chart [cough, cough].

As we can see, the chart contains the amount of daily servings which are recommended by the USDA from all of the basic food groups.

Are these values in-line with what you expected? Before you looked at the chart, did you know what the official American guidelines were for each of the food groups?

5 Official Food Groups, Fat is a Necessary Element to Good Health

There are 5 Basic Food Groups. And the fat recommendation is also included in our official daily intake recommendation. This includes fat which is added to foods, such as butter, salad dressings and cooking oils. Even the healthiest of natural foods contains scant measurements of fat grams - even carrots, spinach, cabbage and beets. They also hold natural sugar properties.

The foods which we make part of our meal plate work best for the human body when they are natural forms of fat and sugar rather than when we add refined varieties.

As to the recommendations per day, these are based on a healthy adult requiring about 2000 kcals in order to maintain their recommended healthy weight.

American Food Pyramid, Food Groups & Recommended Daily Servings

Food Pyramid Food Groups, Recommended Serving Sizes

Lose Weight Quickly, Safely Tips

Proteins Accelerate Weight Loss

To lose weight quickly, we should consume two to three servings of protein every day. The protein can be from animal or plant sources; animal proteins should consist of extra lean cuts of meat with saturated fat as low as possible.

Any visible fat or marbling should be avoided. Over-browning, grilling, or roasting to a caramelized state may increase the formation of acrylamides which have been linked to cancer causing agents.

The Protein Group supports muscle health and can assist in quelling appetite while dieting.

Fried Foods Encourage Formation of Abdominal Fat, Commonly Referred to as Belly Fat

Stay clear of fried foods while dieting. Some fried foods enter another type of fat into the diet called Trans fats - and they can clog the arteries faster than a sheep with long legs can jump over a short fence.

Added Oils to the Daily Diet

Watch fatty acid consumption. Remember - the Official Food Pyramid recommends minimal use because many of the foods that we put into our daily diet already contain a bit of oil. Think about some of the proteins and vegetables in our diet: nuts such as walnuts, coconuts, peanuts, olives - all of these contain oil which is expressed and sold at the local markets.

Dairy Food Group Tips, Go Calcium Benefits for Strong Bones & Healthy Teeth!

Let's move on to the Dairy Food Group which support healthy bones, including our teeth. We should put two to three dairy food servings into our daily diet and they should be in the form of reduced fat, particularly when dieting. This will save calories and allow us to either add a few more food selections to our weight loss plan, or that will allow us to drop pounds quicker.

Vegetables With Color for Best Health

Next we move to the Vegetable Food Group. We require three to five servings from this food group and we should mix things up where colors are concerned. Orange carrots, yellow corn, green spinach - it's vital to have the Daily Plate looking colorful for optimum health benefits.

Whole Grain Goodness for Optimum Health, Increasing Daily Fiber Intake

We also require six to eleven servings per day from the Grain Group, even while dieting. We should aim to have the majority of our food selections in the form of whole grain goodness.

Natural Raw Fruits With Peeling Left On for Dietary Fiber Needs, 100% Fruit Juices

We need two to four servings of fruit from the healthy Fruit Group; this is a great opportunity for snack times. Opt for natural fruits and leave the peeling on when applicable. When using canned, ensure the fruit is packed in natural fruit juice.

As to fruit juices, 100% fruit juice is the healthiest choice. Who needs their juice watered-down with water? Opt for 100% juice from a natural fruit - such as grapes or apples OR the juice blends.

The blends -almost all of them contain more apple juice, even if the label states the juice is cherry or grape. Check those nutrition labels.

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