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Example of Reduced Calorie Lunch Menu

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Planning Your Lunch Menu Tips While Dieting

What's for lunch on the diet menu? Oh my, we have so many healthy things - from roasted chicken to a baked potato to a delicious cup of skinny soup.

For our dinner meal plate, we're going to add a salad - so for lunch, we added a cup of soup. Like the salad, this will assist in keeping our tummy happy and feeling full.

Cooking Methods Will Impact Calories

Be sure to prepare the chicken using a method which will not introduce additional fat to the meal plate.

Several methods that work best include pan-roasting, grilling, boiling, broiling and baking.

Season with your favorite seasonings; we're a huge fan of lemon pepper.

1 Tablespoon of Cooking Oil Contains as Many Calories as a Baked Potato

One small baked potato contains about 120 calories - actually the same number as one Tablespoon of all cooking oils. Isn't that something?

It's difficult to believe that one tiny spoon of one food contains as many calories as one big food - and the big perk is that the potato doesn't have all those fat grams.

Don't Forget the Dessert

We'll have a delicious serving of melon for dessert as it's skinny and contains only 50 calories per generous cup.

We've added about 50 more calories to our lunch plate than our dinner plate; as the day draws closer to an end, the calories need to decline along with the setting sun as they will not be processed as proficiently as they were earlier in the day.

This is the chief reason why late evening eating contributes to weight gain; there is so little time to burn off that extra burst of energy as our body winds down for the day.

Meal Plate: Chicken - Small Baked Potato - Small Salad - Wheat Roll - Cup Soup, About 500 Calories

example of diet meal plate, 500 calories

Breakfast - Example of Reduced Calorie Menu

Dinner - Example of Reduced Calorie Menu


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