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Example of Reduced Calorie
Breakfast Menu

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Planning Your Breakfast Menu Tips While Dieting

On a reduced calorie diet plan but not certain what your breakfast plate should look like?

If so, we've put together a pattern below that might be of help. 

Keep in mind that your goal should aim to meet the daily recommendations listed on the official food pyramid. 

Sensible Tips for Planning Your Breakfast

Choose minimum daily requirements, then pick foods from the recommended food groups that are lowest in calories.

Use no-calorie sweetener for beverages, cooking spray rather than oils for those foods that go into a pan, and no-calorie butter spray instead of butter or margarine.

Now let's get to the meal plate. See the healthy bowl of whole grain oats? Note that it is served with zero sugar and low calorie fat; if you don't like the butter sprays with zero calories - try the reduced fat margarine or if you don't like these, then add only half of your regular margarine or butter source.

We also have a healthy serving from the Fruit Food Group - and we've included a slice of whole grain bread; whole grain will mine your weight loss plan with an extra dose of dietary fiber as well as other nutritional values.

We're getting quite a lot of food on our breakfast meal plate for about 380 calories. If you add a couple of 50 calorie snacks throughout the day and keep your lunch and dinner menu at around 450 calories each -- you'll be right on target for weight loss results.

As to our beverages, make your milk in the form or reduced fat or skim. In addition, watch the amount of creamer you add to either coffee or tea; use the zero sugar substitute to save calories. If you enjoy juice for breakfast, try the 50 calories per serving reduced sugar variety.

Example of a Healthy Breakfast Meal Plate, About 380 Calories

Example of Reduced Calorie Breakfast Menu

Lunch - Example of Reduced Calorie Menu

Dinner - Example of Reduced Calorie Menu


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