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Making Dieting a Positive Experience

Written by Diet Bites

Is Your Diet Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Gary glances at the glass to the left and says, 'That glass is half empty."

Harry corrects, "No, it's half full."

Both are correct, but one view is positive while another is negative. And most anything that we undertake in our lives that turns out to be negative, sticks with us forever. 

Our memory banks get locked and the key is suddenly tossed away with those bad thoughts held at bay.

So many of us are able to recall tragic things from our former years, and many times those situations override the good. Take this camping trip involving Jan and Rose...

Looking at the Negative Side of Life, Of Dieting

Jan enjoyed camping in the woods so much that she asked her friend, Rose to go with her one spring day. 

Once they arrived, Rose complained of the heat, the buzzing mosquitoes, and the smell of the smoldering campfires. And she didn't like her burnt hotdog either.

"How could anyone eat a black hotdog?" she thought.

That evening, a spring storm hit without warning laced with thunder, lightening - and even some cats and dogs which fell from the sky. Rose could not wait to return home because she was so miserable! 

Her glass was half empty.

And when the situation involved dieting, Rose felt and acted much the same as she did on the camping trip. She didn't like being overweight but she didn't like dieting either. She didn't like limiting her food intake. Didn't like monitoring the types of foods to eat or beverages to drink.

And she certainly didn't enjoy exercise. In fact, the entire time Rose was on a diet she was totally miserable - just as miserable as she was on this camping excursion.

Looking at the Positive Side of Life, Of Dieting

On the other hand, Jan knew that the heat, the buzzing mosquitoes and other pests were part of the camping experience. No, she didn't care for them - but she was willing to tolerate them for her camping experience. 

And she actually found the charred hotdogs and campfire smoke a bit fetching.

As for the sudden rainstorm, she had considered it an adventure while her cranky friend, Rose had climbed into the car to escape the lightening and winds, Jan joining her. While the experience had been exciting to Jan, Rose was a basket case - longing for her comfy dry bed.

Jan's glass was half full.

If we could all look at weight loss like Jan looks at camping, we'd have no problem in accomplishing all of our fitness goals. 

Our Diet Hurdles would be like the mosquitoes, the heat, the smell of smoke and the rainstorm - but we'd view them as part of the hurdles that we would face while achieving weight loss (i.e. the camping experience).

Those charred hotdogs and campfire smoke? Oh...those represent rice cakes....

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