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Constipation & Weight Gain

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

When Constipation is Responsible for Weight Gain

Are you full of .....well, let's just say unwanted baggage that is weighing you down?

Though there are many contributing constipation offenders, our diet greatly impacts our bowel habits - and a poor diet can impact it, literally. Constipation may also weigh down our scales - as well as our overall level of health.

To get a better understanding of how diet effects constipation, we simply need to turn to our pets. Think about this...

When Dietary Habits Change, It Impacts All Areas of Our Digestive System

When a pet's diet changes, their bowel consistency changes. The swift introduction of a strange food into their diet may not only trigger constipation, but may have the opposite effect and trigger diarrhea.

If we humans employed a specific diet day in and day out that contained all the necessary nutrients our bodies require, most of us could achieve regularity. 

But being human, the same diet day in and day out becomes a boring diet - one that we may even have to force down as time goes by.

So rather than go to a drastic diet, a better solution might be to fill our current daily diets with foods that fight constipation.

Tips to Fight Constipation Causing Weight Gain

When the intestinal track slows to a snail's pace, the result is not only sluggish bowel but also unwanted pounds due to the weight of body weight that stubbornly refuses to exit.

In turn, this sets the body up for ills related to toxins found in body waste. The longer they remain in the body, the higher the risk for ill health effects.

Dietary Fiber for Constipation Issues

- A fruity solution for constipation is to 'pick fruit' over sugary desserts at meal times, as well as for snacks. Prunes are a common constipation solution, and here are few more great fruity choices: apples, raisins, figs and blackberries.

The dietary fiber found in the peels and outer layers of fruits contains assists in creating bulk roughage which in turn assists in sweeping out the gut.

- Veg constipation out with fresh vegetables such as pumpkin, sweet potatoes, parsnips, okra, brussel sprouts and corn. All are packed with dietary fiber benefits.

- Water down your constipation by drinking at least eight cups of water each day - without tea, coffee or other powders added - just clear, clean water.

Adding water to the bulk assist it in moving through the body at a more rapid, easier pace.

And of course, if severe constipation issues persist, see your doctor. You may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome [IBS] or another related disease which requires treatment so that you can....get your digestive track....back on track!


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