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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Want to lose those unhealthy pounds forever?
Then our Living Diet can assist...

Diet Bites has ten hot tips for your living diet that are so good that we call them, "Ten, I'm Not On a Diet Tips". Let's see those tips and see how they can fit into your weight loss plan to produce significant results.

Choose Reduced Products for Reducing Belly Fat

1. Chocolate milk - use reduced fat milk, a teaspoon of powdered cocoa that has been mixed with a bit of water and sweeten with Splenda to suit your personal taste. Toss into a blender until frothy. You'll cut that standard glass of chocolate milk in half.

Trimming Cholesterol for Improved Health

2. When cooking eggs, rather than using 2 eggs for a serving size try using 1 whole egg and 1 yolk. You'll cut cholesterol as well as calories.

The white of the egg - whatever size (other than that of the ostrich) contains less than 20 calories and zero cholesterol.

Saving Empty Calories by Cutting Sugar Grams

3. Sugar calorie saver - Splenda, Nutrasweet or your favorite sugar substitute. You'll cut the calories of that standard serving of sugar by 100%.

Once you get off your weight loss plan, try to keep use of sugar substitutes to a minimum; while they work well in reducing weight - use over time may pose health issues for certain individuals.

If you are experiencing rashes or sensitivity to things that you were never bothered by before - suchas your pet, then sugar substitutes may be responsible.

Getting Back to Natural Goodness With Raw Foods

4. Go wild! Go raw! Foods that are closest to their natural state are generally low in calories and high in nutrition. Remember the old saying which ironically came from now-discontinued Chiffon Margarine: "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature."

Don't Skip Breakfast. That first meal of the day actually 'breaks the fast' and jumpstarts your metabolism.

5. Eat breakfast. It will jump-start your metabolism and get your day off to a great start. You'll even perform better at work, and won't that make your boss happy? Perhaps happy enough to produce a promotion with higher pay.

Milk for Permanent Weight Loss

6. Reach for 24 ounces of reduced fat milk per day. Studies show that milk drinkers tend to weigh less than their non-milk drinking peers.

Embracing the Citrus Family for Immunity Boosting Vitamin C Benefits

7. Rather than a sugary soda, try a cup of tea sweetened with Splenda. You'll save about 140 calories per can and you'll reap the healthy benefits of tea.

Better yet, go plain Jane and enjoy without sweetener - or add a bit of citrus with a squeeze of a lemon, lime or grapefruit.

Changing Late Evening Snacks to Healthier Choices

8. If you're a Night Owl Snacker, reach for a piece of fresh fruit rather than that bowl of hot buttered popcorn or bag of salty fried chips.

The time of day when individuals seem to be tempted most by food and drink is after dinner. They become relaxed - and are winding down for the day. And we tend to like to eat and drink when we're in a relaxed state.

At breakfast we're rushing to eat so that we won't be late to work or school. For the lunch meal, we're usually at work or school and it takes time to wind down before meal time. And it's a very difficult thing to do amid a group of people who are also keyed-up.

When dinner arrives, we're so glad to be home again so that we can do whatever we want to do that we rush through dinner time. Two hours later we might be hard pressed to list what we ate for dinner - much less for the entire day.

As we turn on the television and sit in our easy chair, a bowl of hot buttered popcorn, a small carton of our favorite ice cream, a bag of our favorite chips along with our favorite dip or a wedge of pie or cake seems to hit the spot.

We're not in the mood for celery sticks, baby carrots, sliced cucumbers or cabbage. Even if we can dip it into a yogurt dip.

Breakfast & Dinner Tips

While it might be difficult to wind down for lunch, we have tips for breakfast and dinner.

- Make the area where you dine comfortable and decorated with your favorite colors and theme. Put out place mats on top of an eye-catching tablecloth. If it's pretty weather, establish an area in your yard where you enjoy your breakfast - as well as your evening meal. A canopy-type enclosure can be very inexpensive, as well as yard furniture and makes a relaxing escape.

For breakfast time, you can try going to bed just a bit earlier and rising earlier so that you have more morning time to enjoy. In the evening, wait a bit later to enjoy your dinner - give yourself enough time to relax fully before sitting down to your meal.

Low Fat Dairy Products for Reducing Belly Fat

9. When shopping, grab reduced fat dairy products rather than the full-blown whole ones.

Choosing Foods Which Require a Long Time to Eat

10. Opt for foods that take a long while to eat and that exercise the jaw. A small tray of fresh raw veggies, such as baby carrots, sliced cucumber and cherry tomatoes will add a zippy freshness to your day.

Added plus: If you've got a pet, then you know what continuous soft food does to its little choppers.  Fresh chomping objects that add crunch to our daily diet also help keep our choppers healthy.


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