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Height & Weight Factors

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Make Dieting Easier

The articles within this section of Diet Bites deal with losing weight as well as focusing on tips that can make doing such much easier.

American Food Pyramid Notes, Tips for Dieters

We strongly support use of the official Food Pyramid for creating the healthiest plan for losing pounds. However, it too has its own set of faults.

Let's take a moment to go through the different areas of the pyramid which can better assist you while you are dieting. The more that you know about losing weight, the more apt you are to experience a successful journey.

About Calories & Body Weight

Caloric Differences: This is one area of the Food Pyramid that remains flawed - and there really isn't much that can be done about the situation. For example, the pyramid recommends x-amount of servings from each of its five food groups.

But, an apple, a pear, a peach, plum, banana, kiwi, mango, cherry - as well as all the other fruits within the Fruit Group are different in caloric values, as well as other nutritional values. In addition, they vary in size. While a small banana might equal a serving of fruit, an entire watermelon or pineapple would make the dieter's cup runneth over - as well as their bathroom scales.

In addition, due to having varying nutritional values they all bring something different to the plate. Therefore, the solution is to enjoy a variety of fruits in your daily diet. The same applies to vegetables - as well as all the other vital food groups.

Moderation of Energy Intake to Regulate Body Weight & Fight Belly Fat

Everything in Moderation: This is another standard of the pyramid. From the foods we eat to the activity that we insert into our daily lives and onto our daily plates - it's all about moderation.

Reasonable & Doable Weight Loss Plan

Personalization & Reasonability: When developing a weight loss plan that will produce permanent results, you need to be able to personalize the plan. And the plan needs to be reasonable. While the weight was gained over a period of weeks or months, it cannot possibly evaporate overnight. We must be reasonable when dieting.

Dieting Articles

Let's move forward to the diet articles within this section. Take whatever you learn along with you on your journey; you'll do well with this tips and we wish you the greatest success as you move forward.

Height and Weight - How height impacts your recommended weight.

The Living Diet - 10 hot dieting tips that will make you wonder if you're really on a diet or not.

Diet Trouble-Shooting Guide - Diet Bites first-ever trouble shooting guide for dieters; assistance in defining trouble areas and how to fix them. No one else has one of these babies - and our guide can assist in rectifying those trouble areas before they balloon out of control.

Diet - Defining different diets including calorie restricted diet, fad diet, vegetarian diet, sodium restricted diet, flexatarian diet and low carbohydrate diet.

Weight Loss Help - We have solutions for troubling weight loss issues. Diet Bites is always here to assist.

Foods High in Purines - If you're impacted by purines in the daily diet, our food list can assist in avoiding top offenders. Also included is detailed information on gout.

Eat Like a Baby to Lose Weight? - Baby steps equal simplicity and when it comes to weight loss everything is so complicated. With that said - it's time to simplify your diet plan!

Obesity Statistics - Information and data relating to overweight & obesity.

BMI Chart - Knowing your BMI can assist in setting your ideal weight and to let you know what percentage of fat you need to lose.

I'll Go On a Diet Tomorrow - Procrastination. It's the most popular mood of individuals who need to lose weight but who just don't want to do so today. It's sort of like heaven. Everyone wants to go - but no one wants to go 'today'. The bad thing about putting off weight loss is that more pounds are likely to mold to the frame, therefore the individual will have even more weight to lose when they finally get into the mood to lose weight.


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