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I'll Go on a Diet Tomorrow

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

"I'll go on a diet tomorrow."  

The bad thing about this Diet Promise is that tomorrow never comes for most individuals. Nine-tenths of America's 'todays' are holidays, with most of us celebrating each with a feverishly non-diet passion.

Most of us are far too friendly with cupid's chocolates, we give way too much thanks to Grandma's turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day and we even go hog wild on Groundhog's Day.  

Please pass the biscuits and red eye gravy....or is that rib eye?

Over-run With Constant Temptations Which Trigger Weight Gain

With constant temptation, it's almost impossible to retain our once-svelte figures. And when we stray and blow up due to feasting, whose fault is it?

The naughty feaster? Surely not as they were driven into temptation by an innocent looking grandmother who cooked like an angel.

Would our blown-out shape be due to savvy retailers? Surely not as big business would never trick us into anything bad for us - such as claiming tobacco is good for one's health.

Or pitching weight loss supplements or diet pills - or even diet herbal teas that could kill us rather than make us lose those unhealthy pounds.

Then again, when one is dead - they lose all those unhealthy pounds, don't they?

Is Stress Causing Americans to Stretch Out of Their Clothing?

What else could be an eater-prompter? Stress? Could the media be responsible for a good deal of the obesity in the country? Good news is indeed a rare thing these days. And advertisements are thick, many of which involve delectable looking goodies that aren't so good for you.

Perhaps it's our genes. Yeah, let's blame mom and dad. Again.... And to be fair, they probably blamed grandma and grandpa for their overweight conditions, right?

Or could the fat explosion be a combination of all these things?

Overweight & Obesity, a Combination of Situations Which Collide

Bingo! And because so many things influence the way that we eat, the things that we eat and even the time that we eat, this is why it is so difficult to manage our weight - which brings another saying to mind..."Never put off tomorrow what you can do today."

Live healthy, live strong, live long.

Think about this... Let's meet Dora. She's a tiny thing and she has a cute little dog who is her best friend. The dog's name is Precious and she loves Dora so much that she is continually getting under Dora's feet when she is working in the kitchen, when she is trying to vacuum the house - or getting dressed in the bedroom.

Dora has to continually look out for Precious because she doesn't want to smash her beloved.

There have been some very close times; but because Dora pulls off her shoes while she is in the house - she can feel her dog's fur and she is generally able to avoid a disaster.

There have been times when she accidentally stepped on a paw - but her foot is soft and the pressure was light so it didn't do much damage.

But what would be the effect if Dora had on house shoes and did the same? What about high heels? Or combat boots? Or rubber boots? Or steel-toed boots? The pressure would so intense that it would certainly injure her Precious.

Too Much Fat, Too Many Calories in Eating Plan, Never Ends Well for the Bathroom Scales

Transfer the situation to your current diet plan. Right now, if you are dealing with overweight issues as well as weight gain, then it's like going barefoot.

You're allowing fat and too many calories to barge their way into your daily diet. The result is, of course, unhealthy weight gain.

When you go on a weight loss plan, it's like you're putting on your combat boots - getting ready for battle. If that strawberry cupcake so much as winks at you - you're going to put your foot down....and it's not going to be pretty for the cupcake.

Setting Life Goals

Strive to lose the pounds that you don't want attached to your body. They can be difficult; they often like to set up camp and stay with you for eternity.

But they pull precious resources from your body - and it's best to clean house and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Only invite Ms. Strawberry Cupcake into your day when you choose to do such.


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