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Gaining Weight While
Dieting & Exercising

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Is your diet plan creating weight gain rather than loss?  

Then it may be time to blow it up before it blows you up!

It's very frustrating for the individual who goes on a reduction quest only to discover a couple of weeks later that they have gained rather than lost.  It's like, "What is the use?  I'm wasting my time because diets just don't work for me! I'm going to be fat forever. It's hopeless."

Nope, it's not hopeless and here is why...

If this sounds familiar, it may be time to blow up your current diet plan and find one that will work while you're 'still in the mood' to lose the fat.

After all, when you were born - you weighed about the same as every other human being that has been born. While some babies may come into this world weighing mere ounces while others top out at over ten pounds - that's quite a close range in weight, now isn't it?

None of us were build to withstand a surmountable amount of pounds; in fact - when our size increases, we start to feel the immediate impact on our bones and joints. We get more backaches, knee aches - and other aches due to such.

And the longer those excess pounds remain on the body's skeleton frame, the more negative impact they have. The back begins to break down, so the individual may hunch over when sitting or walking.

When the knees are impacted, we may experience difficulty in walking.

At some point, the body may have so much excess weight on it that it become impossible to walk. We may have need of a wheelchair or an electronic cart in order to remain mobile.

So no - it's not hopeless, trying to get off the fat, not unless you completely toss in the towel and give up on yourself.

Please don't do that; reach deep inside and pull out your positive self along with your motivation to succeed - no matter how much you have to lose!

Try Another Plan When One Doesn't Work Before Giving Up

Although in some individuals, a weight gain may be seen in the first few days of dieting while the body adjusts to its new menu, the issue of a weight gain after two weeks of dieting is a whole new demon.

One of the following may have been responsible for the weight gain while dieting.

Reduction Plan Too Strict

If the plan was extremely strict, the body may have slowed down its metabolism in order to conserve precious calories to sustain the body's needs.  If this is the case, try to find a diet that is lean but still retains nutritional values.

Reduction Plan Held Too Many Calories

The plan may have been too plump with calories to begin with.  If this is the case, either dump some of the calories from the current plan or choose another plan that will better meet your calorie needs.

Exercise Missing From Plan

Activity may be lacking.  If this is the case, you know what to do!!!

Hidden Illness Causing Weight Gain

A hidden disease may be present, such as diabetes. Get with your doctor to rule out any hidden diseases contributing to your weight gain.


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