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Diet Out of Control

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Is your diet sinking? Sending Out an SOS...

Lost in the sea of a diet plan that went from bliss to amiss?  Listing from one side to another?  Is the Bermuda Triangle in sight?  Never fear!  Diet Bites is here!

Sure, it's normal to feel a bit frightened when those eaves bash against your little sea craft.  

But keep in mind that your boat is sea worthy and it's unsinkable - is will stay afloat.

The only way that it can sink is if you put a hole in it yourself. It cannot sink otherwise.

How to Ruin Your Goal of Weight Loss Success

Fatty Foods & Sugary Desserts Often Derail the Best of Diet Plans

Ditch those healthy fruits for fatty desserts such as pies, cakes and pastries. That will put a very large hole - or a significant dent, at minimal in your plan (i.e. boat).

Start frying all of those otherwise healthy vegetables. And oh - don't just fry them. Batter this first and add lots of salt. After they have fried to perfection, add more salt and some creamy dips.

When it comes to protein, reach for the red, fattiest meat that you can find at the market. This should be easy where ground beef is concerned.

When you add a dairy product to your snack or meal - reach for the full-blown varieties.

Little Activity Generally Equals an Unhealthy, Heavier Body

Forget all about exercising and learn to love the Couch Potato in you. Who needs stronger bones and muscles anyway?

While you're all it, forget all about losing those layers of unhealthy fat. It's too much work anyway.

How to Keep Your Weight Loss Plan Sailing Right Along

Here are some good thoughts to keep in mind when those things look beak and the water appears a bit too deep...

Expect the Unexpected While Dieting

The beginning of each day doesn't always start with a sun shining in the sky. Some days are dark, rainy, dreary, snowy, gray and just flat miserable.  Still, it's a brand new day.

Even though the day may start off looking miserable, the day doesn't give up, does it?  Of course not.  It continues through until night.  And the next day may look better, or worse, yet still the day goes forward.

Each Day Offers Opportunity for a Path to Your Healthy Recommended Weight

Such should be a dieter's thoughts. Our day may start off really rotten and we may be tired of sitting patiently in our little boat.  

We may want to punch a hole in it and fish out all the lush goodies hidden in the dark depths of the sea such as brownies, cookies, cheesy goodies and so forth.

So keep in mind that as your day begins that it's a new day. Keep focused, be noble, be true to your plan and soon, you'll find safe harbor when you arrive on the Island of Weight Loss Success.

Exercise & Be Patient

Until then, slather on the suntan lotion, grab your watermelon basket or pineapple boat filled with fresh fruit, and your roasted, skinless chicken breast hot off the grill. Ah, now that's smooth sailing, E!


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