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Feeling Fat

Written by Diet Bites


Overweight? You're Not Alone. Obesity in America is a Growing Health Issue.

It's a big world out there and with obesity on the rise, it's getting even bigger.  

If you're one of the millions impacted by weight gain, you're not alone - even though it's a common feeling amid those battling the Battle of the Bulge.

There are probably only a handful of people since time began, that went on a diet, lost the weight and never dieted again.  

- Diets come, diets go.

- Dieting is stressful!  

- Dieting is a continuous conscious effort that takes planning, willpower, and determination.

You may feel alone, out of place and even unloved.  

But we advise that you don't spend too much time moping about those unhappy feelings and that you do something to change those feelings into happy ones. Unfortunately, just because obesity is on the increase doesn't mean that we should find a sense of security in knowing that others are in the same boat because the trouble with this boat is that it is faulty. It's full of holes and you just might find yourself sitting over one just before it starts to sink.

And what fun is that we ask?

It's best to jump ship and join the health-kick group - only you'll want to stay with this healthier eating plan because you'll not only feel better, you'll look better, be able to think sharper and feel that wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Is it easy, losing weight?  

Heck no. It's almost as bad as having a baby, or at least it was in my case. And I had more than a baker's dozen watermelons to lose rather than just one. The downside is that it requires about the same amount of time from conception to birth to lose that much weight - and it has its ups and downs. In the event that motivation wanes, so do the results - so it's vital to the success of the plan to remain as motivated as possible.

Here is where Diet Bites enters the picture.

Suggestions for Losing Weight

This site is filled with tons of healthy suggestions to help motivate weight loss.  You won't find any bizarre diets or undoable diet menus recommended here.  You won't find any erratic exercise plans here either.

Why? Because these methods of weight loss don't generally work, and even when they do by a fluke, the results won't last.

So begin wandering through these loaded halls and walls of dieting and weight loss information, tips and dieting suggestions for weight loss and we hope that soon, you'll receive weight loss results.

With Diet Bites here 24/7, you're not alone.  So douse those thoughts of despair!  It's time to change things your way.


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