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The Three Day Diet - Day 3 Menus

Written by Diet Bites

3 Day Diet Plan - Menu for Days 1 & 2


Three Day Diet - Day 3

Breakfast Menu: 1 Serving of oatmeal. One slice of toast prepared as you did on Day 1 of the Three Day Diet. Also enjoy 1 cup of low fat or skim milk.

Lunch Menu, Day 3

An assorted tray of the following served with 2 Tablespoons of your favorite LIGHT salad dressing or dip: cherry tomatoes, lettuce, sliced onions, carrot sticks, 3 ounces lean ham, 1 slice of 70 calorie cheese, sliced mushrooms, radishes.

Slice one boiled egg and add to tray.

Dinner Menu, Day 3

3 ounces of your favorite broiled fish (sprinkle with lemon pepper if desired while cooking)

1/2 cup beets (cold or hot/use no calorie butter if you use 'butter')

1 cup of asparagus (with no calorie butter spray)

1 cup of sliced mushrooms and sliced onions 'fried' in no calorie, butter flavored cooking spray

When you wake up in the morning, weigh BEFORE you eat and before you get dressed. You should see a weight loss and your clothing should fit less tight.

We want to leave you with a few tips as you go forward with your fat loss plan. Always start out with the intention of losing the fat - and keeping it off forever. YoYo type reduction plans will only contribute to permanent obesity and poor health.

Dieting?  May I Take Your Order Please?


Is the only road to “Thin” named starvation?  One might think so. You know the feeling. You have been on that rotten calorie-free diet for 2 weeks now.  

Before that, you could actually sit and eat for a good half-hour.  Now, you can simply inhale all your allotted food for the day in one breath.  

Still, you want to lose the unwanted pounds; you’re determined to accomplish that this time around. 

These thoughts may help when frustration settles in:

Before you enjoy that goody before you OR the next meal, think of these words:

"May I take your order please?"

Think of these words as your tummy asking your brain what you want to enjoy rather than your brain asking your tummy what it wants to enjoy. So many times, our tummy out-smarts our good sense and we get tricked into eating something that we soon afterwards regret.

So listen to your body talk - your brain that is, rather than your tummy and good things will come.


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