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Diet Lost in the Woods

Written by Diet Bites


Two Different Weight Loss Scenarios

Let's start with our fable which doesn't quite end nicely for Red due to her poor decision making. Then we'll skip to our happy ending - and who doesn't like a happy ending?

Learning Lessons the Hard Way, the Unhealthy Lane of Life

Red was skipping down the forest lane with a basket full of diet goodies for Grandmother who was currently on a fat-reducing plan. Red loved these woods - so quiet, so peaceful.

Suddenly, Red screamed as a big bad wolf appeared directly in front of her, his body suspended in mid-air, attached to a giant cobweb. He delivered a wickedly wicked smile that Red didn't quite trust, then begged, "Hey cupcake, cut me out of this web and I'll do anything that you say."

Red examined her pink painted nails in an effort to avoid Wolf. She slowly eased out, "Can't. Grandma said never to talk to strangers."

"You just did," Wolf told her, silently wondering if Red's head supported a cap of blond hair under that bulky cape.

"So, just what will you do for me if I free you?" she inquired, suddenly very curious. There was a lot in life that Red craved. Having a wolf as a personal slave for a few months would help tremendously.

"I already told you. Anything that you want," Wolf drawled, certain now that the girl was a little lacking in head gear.

"Will you be my slave?" she asked, her attention now focused on Wolf.

"Oh yes!" Wolf promised, hating how the sticky web stuck to his ears.

She asked, "Will you be noble and true to me?"

Wolf blinked his eyes, needing a moment to think this question over before answering. Then, "I'll love ya to death.  Good enough?"

"Goody!" Red expelled, excited about a wolf-slave.

She quickly removed the bread knife from the basket of goodies that had been intended to be used to cut Grandmother's low fat cranberry wheat bread and in a wink, she had Wolf out of his web. Shortly, Wolf made haste and gobbled Red up with one gulp, keeping his word. Yum!  Indeed, he loved this girl-meal to death!

Moral of Story Which Didn't End Well

The moral of our story is that whenever we are dieting, we would do well not to lose focus with our diet lest we get gobbled up along our way.


Modern Day Diet Fable, the Healthy Lane of Life

Red was skipping down the Diet Lane with a basket full of diet goodies for Grandmother who was currently on a fat-reducing plan, as was Red. It should prove to be a tasty, healthy lunch with Grandmother.  

She loved these woods - so quiet, so peaceful - yet at times a bit spooky, such as whenever Red was tempted by certain foods she loved in her pre-diet stage.

Suddenly, she screamed as a big bad brownie appeared directly in front of her, suspended in mid-air, attached to a giant cobweb along the Diet Lane. The brownie looked so tempting.

Red knew that once she tasted its chocolately goodness, that she wouldn't be able to stop. And it wasn't a tiny brownie - rather large and huge and grand.  Hum....if she ate this brownie, that would also be the end of this crummy diet, she thought and she could then eat anything that she wanted. She mentally slapped herself for even having such wild thoughts.

Red examined her pink painted nails in an effort to avoid the brownie. She quickly remembered her dear old Grandmother's warning, "Never to talk to strangers, dear. Avoid them like the plague until you feel comfortable with them."

And Red heeded those words, continuing to skip along the path, her basket full of low fat goodies dancing up and down in time with her steps.

She knew that if she had eaten the brownie she would return to being a slave to food. She used to be powerless when it came to the foods she enjoyed. In fact, they blew her up to such a fat size that she almost grew out of her lovely red cape.

But not anymore! She had just overcome a test along life's pathway, and she had passed with flying colors.

Happy Ending.....Well Sort Of....

Red arrived shortly at Grandmother's house only to discover a wicked looking wolf in bed with her.

But of course, that's another story....

The moral of our story is that Willpower overcomes our fondest Diet Desires and rewards us with weight loss.


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