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How to Lose 100 Pounds

Part 1: Lose 100 Pounds

Written by Diet Bites


When you begin dieting, you may lose a lot of weight suddenly. 

From my experience, this is what I can tell you about a person who needs to lose 100 pounds.  

During the first month of dieting, I've seen as much as a 25 pound weight loss when a healthy weight loss plan is pursued. However, during the second month, only three more pounds came off on average. But during the third month, again, a significant loss was noted in most individuals. The key is sticking to your diet, which brings us to commitment.

Committing to Your Diet Plan is Key to Success

If you have 100 or more pounds to lose, please know that your situation is NOT hopeless.

As you diet, don't think, "I MUST DO THIS. I MUST DIET."  Rather, think in this manner, "I WANT to do this. I WANT to diet."

Sometimes, if we feel that we have to do something, our mind will balk. Sometimes, it balks subconsciously, so we have to fool it a bit. You can lose to your goal weight without purchasing expensive exercise equipment, fancy foods and so forth.

Inexpensive Products & Tools That Will Assist With Weight Loss

The only items that you will need are:

- willpower
- set of measuring spoons

- set of measuring cups

- a scale to weigh yourself on; if the scale is not high enough to calculate your weight, forego this step and add a scale when your new weight will accommodate such.

- a calorie book

A small scale that you can weigh food on may also come in handy, at times.


Learn About the Foods You Eat

Visit your local library, or purchase an inexpensive calorie book. Stick to a 1,500 calorie diet per day until you reach your weight goal. When you are within 25 pounds of reaching your goal, you may opt to reduce your calorie intake to 1,200 calories but 1,500 will still get you there!

It may take you a while to get used to the correct serving sizes, so please measure until you feel comfortable with the amount of food you are putting on your plate.  Many dieters make the mistake of taking too little food when they begin dieting - therefore the need for measuring spoons and cups to ensure that you get all of your calories in for the day.

Do Not Starve

Do NOT go below 1,500 calories unless you are under the supervision of your doctor.

Implement Healthy Recipes

Begin experimenting with healthier ingredients when cooking.  Hide your iron skillet until you reach your desired weight.  Frying is a no-no until then, unless you use non-stick, no calorie cooking spray.

Becoming Involved in Something You Enjoy Doing

Take up a favorite interest or hobby to keep your mind occupied. Otherwise, you may continuously think of food, or about losing weight.

Exercise Plan

You'll want to plan to walk a minimum of one mile at least 4 times per week. Slowly build up to that amount over a one month period.

You may also wish to purchase some 3-5 pound weights and work out the upper arms and upper thigh areas. As you lose weight, this will help these areas to tighten without unsightly 'skin sag'.

Before you start your diet, these Diet Bites articles can prepare you for weight loss and will assist in motivating you:

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In addition, Diet Bites contains hundreds of low calorie recipes and free diet menus based on low calories that you can use as a pattern for weight loss. Oh my,  you're going to look so good and be so healthy at your new, slimmer size!


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