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Health Issues Effected by Obesity

Written by Diet Bites


Overeating Fun, Health Risks it Triggers - Quite the Opposite

It's so much fun to be able to eat and enjoy anything that we like, whenever we like, and to enjoy however much we like.  

The bad thing is that even though most of us love food, too much food doesn't love our bodies.  It's a situation when food becomes a bad thing - an enemy to our bodies.

What bad things can happen to our bodies when we overeat?

Cholesterol Build-Up Impacted Arterial Health

Cholesterol can skyrocket thus blocking arteries and hampering circulation. To see the results, the next time that you water your yard or herb garden, squeeze the hose lightly and look how the obstruction effects the flow of the water.  

The hose represents our arteries and the water, our blood. The garden or yard represents our heart.  Without proper water, our greenery dies. Without proper circulation, our hearts die.

Circulation Placed at Risk

High Blood Pressure can dip or rip out of control.  

Diabetes Can be Triggered

Diabetes can take over our pancreas if we hold the triggering genes.

Weight & Skeletal System Compromised

Bone Stress can become a problem.  What happens when the foundation of a house becomes faulty?  It may virtually cave in or slowly crumble.

In the body, bone stress can be tracked to backaches, knee aches, neck aches, leg aches and over all body pain.  It can turn some of us into Quasimotos.

Breathing Hampered


Lungs can be compressed into a tinnier space, the air literally mashed from us.  Obesity can make it very hard for some of us to even breath, much less explore significant activity.

Damage to Vital Organs

Kidneys can be damaged.  

The larger the body grows, the more difficult it is for ALL of our organs to perform sufficiently.  We were formed as a body with internal organs. When we build our bodies on the exterior, the unseen interior also grows with fat.  

Unfortunately, our organs do not have adjust to our bigger size and they suffer for it, and then we suffer the uncomfortable misfortune of weight gain.  Some organs will endure permanent damage, even when weight has been lost and maintained over time.

Mental Fog, Headaches

The Brain can be influenced with negative thoughts, stressful thoughts, and frustrated thoughts over the Obesity Factor.

Dental Health Also Effected

Teeth can be damaged by continual eating, which not only wears down the choppers, but also promotes tooth decay due to the difficultly of being able to brush after every snack - particular when it's continual snacking.

Those who inhabit a Sweet Tooth may also suffer from the negative effects of tooth decay brought on by an excess intake of sugar.

Our best defense against the risks of obesity is to work to remain at a healthy weight.  


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