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Feeling Fruity on Your Diet Plan
Calories in Fruit

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Got Fruit?  Then Fitness is Close at Hand!  

Fruit is filled with fiber so it provides you with that, “Helen, am I stuffed,” feeling. The best Diet Defense is a good Diet Offense and it's hard to beat the freshness of fruity fruit while dieting.

Another good advantage to fruit is that it contains virtually no fat and most is small in calories.

Fruit Suggestions for Your Weight Loss Plan

Frozen fruits are one of our favorite suggestions for weight loss.  They take a long while to eat, they make a healthy snack, they also make a delicious cool treat when blended with a cup of skimmed milk.  Add your favorite extracts.

If you don't like ultra cold foods, pop frozen fruits into your microwave until just thawed.  Sprinkle with Splenda if desired.  Top with a bit of LIGHT whipped topping for a treat that can't be beat!

Split open a pineapple or a grapefruit for the makings of a delicious healthy breakfast.

Fresh fruits may even be teamed with meat on the grill.  Try a stick of roasted pork married with pineapple chunks.  Delicious!

Calories in Fruits - Fruit Calories for Weight Loss


An apple a day keeps the doctor bill away…

1 medium with the peeling contains about 80 calories. Apples like almost-all fresh fruit are naturally low in dietary fat content. Apples also contain pectin, a component of fiber that assist in fighting bad cholesterol

Dried Apples: 10 dried apple rings contain about 155 calories but will vary depending upon the brand purchased. They may also be dried at home using a food dehydrator but have a shorter shelf-life due to lack of adequate preservatives.

Dried apples are moderate in caloric value and contain zero cholesterol mg's.


3 medium fresh apricots contain about 50 calories and are naturally low in dietary fat and caloric value. Apricots may assist in reducing risk of stroke.

Dried Apricots: 10 halves or 5 whole dried apricots contain about 80 calories. The dried versions of apricots tend to be tarty rather than sweet, although sugar is typically added amid commercial processing.


Yes, the old avocado is a fruit. In fact, botanically speaking, many of the vegetables that are assumed to belong to the Vegetable Group are actually fruits. Blooms assist in identifying the botanical category.

Avocados do contain a substantial amount of calories. However, the caloric values of the fruit differ depending upon where the fruit was grown and harvested.

If we enjoy a California produced avocado, we would expect to consume 227 calories per fruit - without the skin and seed.

If we enjoy a Florida produced avocado, we would consume far more calories - about 365. Size truly matters.

Per the USDA one avocado commercially sold at the market contains on average 322 calories per fruit.

While substantial in caloric values, it doesn't take a lot of avocado to boost flavor. Try adding a couple of thin slices to your next sandwich.

Avocados are a good source of monounsaturated fat and may assist in lowering bad cholesterol levels. - that's the great news!


One fresh banana right off the tree and minus the monkey contains 105 calories, a jolt of Vitamin C, B6 as well as substantial potassium mg's. One medium banana contains 422 mg's. Talk about a burst of health!


1 cup of fresh blackberries contains 75 calories and are a great source for dietary fiber.


1 cup of fresh blueberries contain 80 calories.


1/4 a breadfruit or about 3 ounces contain about 100 calories are a good source for Vitamin C when consumed raw.


1 cup of fresh cantaloupe contains about 50 calories and is an excellent source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Casaba Melon

1 cup of fresh casaba melon contains about 50 calories. Casaba Melon is low in caloric value and a good source of iron. One cup of cubed Casaba Melon contains 0.58 mg of iron while 1 round fruit contains 5.58 mg's of iron.


1/2 cup contains only 19 calories. I've never liked the taste of Chayote and feel that it's a food with an acquired taste. But for only 19 calories per serving, it's something that I can certainly learn to love!

Cherries & a Health Tip for Reducing Inflammation & Soreness Amid New Activity

3 cherries contain 5 calories. 3 cherries equal 1/3 ounce. Cherries are rich in Vitamin C & may alleviate pain connected with exercise if consumed before activity.


1/2 cup of fresh cranberries contain a scant 23 calories. What a fabulous Diet Deal, eh?


These look a lot like raisins but they are totally different with their own unique taste. There are several species of currants: Red Currants, White Currants, Zante and European Black Currants. They are a good source of Vitamin C and 1 cup contains about 65 calories.


5 medium dates contain about 100 calories. I love dates - absolutely love them! They are so sweet and have a unique flavor. They make a good replacement for oil when mashed for recipes, particularly holiday recipes which can save a plethora of fat calories.

Dates are naturally low in fat, naturally low in sodium content and a good source of potassium. One date contains almost 50 mg's of potassium; a serving of 5 dates equals about 250 mg's of potassium.

There are also different species of dates. I am familiar with the Deglet Noor date as well as the Medjool date.

One of my favorite times of the year is visiting a local market where I can hand-pick my dates. So fresh - so delicious!


Ahh, another one of my favorite foods. Three medium fresh figs contain about 110 calories and zero cholesterol.

Dried Figs: These contain a few more calories than fresh figs. Three medium figs contain about 140 calories. Figs are a good source of potassium, calcium and iron as well as low in dietary fat content and sodium content.

One dried fig contains about 1 dietary fiber gram, 14 mg's of calcium, 0.17 mg of iron, 1 mg of sodium, and 57 mg's of potassium.

Nutritional Values, Calories Vary Depending Upon Where Fruit Was Planted, Grown & Harvested


One fresh grapefruit contains about 70 calories with 1/2 fruit containing 35 calories - but the caloric values will again depend upon the varieties of grapefruit consumed.

A white grapefruit grown and harvested in California and about 4" in diameter contains 88 calories. The same size white grapefruit grown in Florida contains 76 calories.

A pink and red grapefruit the same size grown in Florida contains 74 calories. If grown and harvested in California or Arizona it will contain about 92 calories.


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