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Loose Clothes Fashion Tips

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How to trim the costs on your new trim wardrobe.

Have you lost weight while dieting?  

Is it time to shop until you drop? And how can you do so without blowing your budget to smithereens?

If you have reached your weight loss goals, then you need to get those larger sizes out of your closet ASAP.

Don't even keep an old set to kick-about in because that sets a subliminal message in your mind that you have a 'fat-back-up-plan' should you regain weight.  

And after all that dieting, you don't want to gain back the weight.

Be Careful Not to Regain Lost Pounds

A scary fact is that most post-dieters gain back all the weight they lost in addition to more weight.

Before we suggest our tips on refitting your wardrobe (literally) we want to mention that most everyone is aware that when an individual loses weight they will need to buy the following items in a smaller size (or sizes): pants, tops, shirts, skirts, dresses and underwear BUT they don't really think about gloves, hats, shoes and rings.  

When the body shrinks, it's a total shrink - not just a torso thing.  So ensure that your budget allows for replacement of these things.

At this point, go restock your closet without delay.

Inexpensive Tips for Restocking Your Closet

If you're on a tight budget, check out local second-hand shops, garage and yard sales and local charity shops.

You can find some awesome deals with some clothing still supporting the original tag from a major store who has donated the item.  

While you're there, take a gander at the cars parked in the customer section parking lot at the store.  You'll even find very pricey cars there - so thrift stores are for everyone seeking a good deal.

When You Have a Few More Pounds to Lose Tips

If you have more weight to lose, this requires a bit of thoughtful planning. Here's a guide that may be of help.

Get Rid of Baggy Clothing

Clear out the baggy clothes - YES, all of them because if you don't, you may be tempted to grow back into them.

If you have sufficient clothing that used to be your 'thin clothes' but have now reverted into an 'every day clothes' status, then use those until they begin to get baggy.  

HOWEVER, DO treat yourself to an item or two of new clothing which will help keep you excited about losing weight.

Time to Shop Until You Drop

If your closet is now threadbare after removing the baggy clothing, then you'll need to go shopping.  Keep your purchases to a minimum, only buying what you need to get by with for the next month BECAUSE you'll drop a few more clothing sizes due to dieting.  And if you have a horde of new clothes, it's like a reason NOT to lose anymore weight.

Once you reach that magic number, follow the steps mentioned earlier in this article.

Sales, Seasonal Purchases to Reduce Costs

Those super sales can render healthy rewards for your pocketbook.

Avoid buying an article of clothing that doesn't fit just because it's on sale.  If it's an item that you feel you will need as you lose weight, then that's a savvy clothing buy.

The beginning and middle of the month may not present as many good buys because of paycheck timing for many individuals - thus being the times when stores are hit with shoppers.

Purchase clothing that you feel good in and that you also look good in.

What you can do with old clothing while helping others.

With all the natural disasters ablaze, clothing is a well-welcomed gift to those in dire need.

Other suggestions for finding a new home for your outgrown clothing, as well as places to donate include: garage sales, nursing homes, shelters, missions, churches, schools.

Ironically, some of these same sources are where you can find great deals when restocking your wardrobe.

We hope that we have set forth some suggestions that will help you save on refitting your wardrobe.  It's also important to keep in mind that it's not the size of your wardrobe that counts, rather the size of your heart.


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