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Who to Blame for Obesity?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Placing Blame on Weight Gain

Newly married Doug sat pondering his current overweight condition.  He hated it and it wasn't even his fault!

Overweight as a Child

As a child, he had been fat - continually teased by his peers, and he hated that too.  His weight problems were all his parent's fault - his mother in particular.  

First of all, he'd gotten his batch of bad fat genes from her side of the family.  

Next, she just couldn't keep from cooking all the time and how could Doug resist her homemade bread spread with fresh homemade butter?  But he couldn't let his dad off so easily...

Watching Sports Rather Than Becoming Actively Involved

Doug's dad loved sports - watching them, that is.  He was more of a vicarious sport's enthusiast.  

Doug remembered consuming barrels of sugary soda, tons of hot dogs, loads of cheese nachos, racks of funnel cakes and baskets of popcorn during his childhood which watching sports with his dad either at a stadium or in the comforts of the family room.

Blame the Wife

Or was his weight condition due to Rita, his new wife?  Doug had slimmed down just before he had met her.  

Although she wasn't over her recommended weight, Rita was continually tempting him with her tasty cooking and he feared that she would be an even better cook that his dear old mom.

Whose Fault is it & What Can be Done to Reverse the Situation?

Doug talked with his friend, Tony about his weighty dilemma.  "Just who was to blame for his overweight condition?" he asked Tony.

Tony advised, "Look, you can spend an eternity focusing on the blame game. Who cares whose fault it is?"  He paused, allowing his friend to digest his frank words, then continued, "My advise is that...well, if you have to blame anyone, the game starts now and the blame is on you. You can lose the weight, just like you gained it - and yeah, I know from experience that it's not an easy thing to do."

Body Weight, A Personal Choice

Doug blinked hard, then asked Tony, "So, you're saying that I'm fat and it's my fault that I'm fat."

Tony shook his head.  "No.  I'm saying that if you stay that way, it's your fault - and you've only got yourself to blame."

"I see."

Tony offered, "Look.  As you know, I lost a lot of weight last year - "

"Yeah, I remember," Doug echoed, a smile lifting his forlorn mood.  He was very glad that Tony had dropped all that weight that had been weighing him down.  

Doug guessed that Tony must have lost a good 100 pounds.  He was so trim and thin now.

Becoming Proactive to Combat Excess Fat

Tony continued, "I'd like to help you lose your weight.  How...well, how about a game of basketball for starters, and we'll draw out a weight loss plan for you afterwards?"

Doug shook his head.  "Tony, I'd really like that and I'd appreciate your help more than you can know."  He paused, then thoughtfully asked, "This basketball game.....  Well, is it on the t.v. or - "

"Naw, man," Tony laughed, popping Doug on the back.  "This is the real deal in my backyard, in my hoop - hold the hot dogs."

Both Doug and Tony laughed hard.  

Doug went on to drop all his weight and continued to maintain responsibility for every pound throughout his long life, the blame game not nearly as much fun as a healthy game of basketball with his dear old friend, Tony.


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