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What to Do Before Dieting

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Things You Need to Know Before Going on Any Diet

Before attempting to subscribe to any weight loss plan itís imperative to know the amount of food that you are currently eating and what proportions you will be eating when you begin your diet.  

This information will ensure that you are indeed slashing calories which will result in weight loss.  Also, you don't want to make that 'diet slash' too big.  Gradual weight loss should be your chief goal.

Best Day of the Week to Start Diet Plan

What day of the week would be best to begin your diet? 99% of diets begin on a Monday.  Itís a fresh start, the first day of the new week.  

In fact, itís a great starting point. The weekend is very difficult to get through with all the temptation just staring you in the face.  

There are bar-b-ques, ice cream, movie popcorn, all those luscious commercials on television Ė you canít get away from food no matter how hard you try.

Whatever day of the week that you decide to begin your diet, start planning your attack.  A prepared student generally gets high marks; it is the same way with dieting.

During the Day, What Time are You Most Tempted to Eat?

What time of day do you enjoy eating most? Itís rare when anyone states breakfast.

Generally, itís in the mid-afternoon or late evening hours when those gnawing pains of hunger hit.  Late evening eating can wreck a diet, even low-calorie/low-fat eating.

Some other useful information that you need to analyze for your diet might include the following.

Keeping Food & Beverage Favorites In Your Fat Reduction Plan

What are my favorite foods?  It's good for your Diet Success if you allow favorite foods into your diet plan.  This will not only strengthen your control factor, but will also keep your diet a happy, content diet.

What About Vitamins?

Do I currently take vitamins?  If not, be sure to check out all the foods in your daily diet required for total nutrition.

Fact is, when some vitamins and minerals are omitted in the daily eating plan, weight loss is generally sluggish - or it can halt all-together. Most of the time when progress halts, the individual incorrectly assumes it is the Weight Loss Plateau.

Mulling Over Exercises & Activities That You'll Stick With for Life Rewards

What type of exercise plan do I want to incorporate into my diet? YOU get to pick!  Pick something fun that you'll stick with. Are my fitness goals reasonable? Keep your fitness goals doable.


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