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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Doctor Recommended Restricted Diets

So many different diets abound because there are so many different individual needs.

Although many individuals strive to lose weight, or maintain lost weight, there are a lot of us who must embrace a specialized diet every day of their life in order to feel better, or to reach a higher state of health.

While many diet abound online based on curing certain diseases and ailments, they can present serious dangers to the consumer. Some people will do anything for a buck.

Restricted Diets: Doctor Knows Best

If you see a particular miracle diet, pill or potion that claims to eradicate your illness - print out the page and take it with you to your next doctor's visit. Your doctor is probably very familiar with most of the so-called magical cures that reside online - scams to trick the sick person out of their hard-earned money.

Keep in mind that your doctor studied for years before going into practice. They have a record of treating people, saving lives - and they also are required to attend continuing education. When it's your life that you're dealing with, place it into the hands of someone that you trust.

The Heart Diet

Individuals suffering from heart disease are frequently placed on a restrictive diet by their doctors - and that's the only method that these type individuals should follow when dieting.  Going it alone could prove potentially fatal in some heart patients.

Many times a doctor will recommend certain foods be implemented into the daily diet while other foods, such as those high in sodium, are restricted.  While some individuals are susceptible to water retention when too much sodium is consumed, in addition to impacting healthy blood pressure levels, some individuals are not effected by sodium overload.

One of the main objectives in placing heart patients on a calorie-restricted/food-restricted diet plan is to decrease as much excess weight on the patient as possible. That extra baggage taxes the heart. Because the body is larger, the heart must work harder which places a strain on an already over-taxed heart.

The body frame was designed to hold x-amount of weight. Our vital organs were designed to match our physical make-up. Even dropping a few extra pounds can work wonders in achieving better health.

When our lungs are trapped and surrounded by extra fat it may be difficult to breathe. With all the extra weight weighing the body down, it is more difficult to walk. Losing weight can assist tremendously.

Even though following a restrictive diet can be frustrating, it's good to know that something can be done to improve the heart and the quality of life. Where there is hope, there is life.

The Cancer Diet

Individuals suffering from cancer stand a much better chance now than in times past.  New technology, new medicines, improved medicines and even diet are playing a big role in fighting the Cancer Factor.

To improve your risks against cancer, be sure to reach for the following foods often: fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, green tea, black tea, and other foods packed with fiber. It's that simple!

If you are currently fighting cancer, following your professional healthcare professional's advice is vital. Although many online websites tout cancer cures and miracle potions - your personal physician learned everything that you read online on the first day of medical school.

Furthermore, why trust strangers when your doctor shares a personal rapport with you and most importantly, is aware of your medical issues and history.

The Diabetic Diet, Eating to Live

Having a father that died from complications of diabetes, the best way that I can explain to people unfamiliar with diabetes is that a diabetic has a broken pancreas.

There are so many misconceptions about diabetes, such as sugar causes diabetes and that a diabetic can never eat sugar once they are diagnosed. Basically, everything that we eat turns to sugar - to energy to fuel our bodies. Sugar reaches that state at a more rapid rate.  

Monitoring Food Intake

Being a diabetic is a very hard thing to bear because they must continually monitor their food intake. Not only the types of food, but the amount of foods. As to the 'types of foods' consumed, different foods impact sugar levels in different ways. In the case of my father, the following foods set his sugar levels soaring: corn, beets, tomatoes in most any form but particularly tomato sauce.

The Diabetic Diet, Complications

One of the most serious implications that diabetes can have on the body arises when low blood sugar (hyperglycemia) occurs. This situation targets the heart and can render significant damage. Therefore, it is vital that the diabetic ensures a steady blood sugar level and does not succumb to hyperglycemia.

Should hyperglycemia occur, the diabetic must receive immediate attention as coma and death can occur. Blood sugar levels must quickly be brought up.

Given this potentially risky situation, if you are diabetic please consult with your doctor to determine the most effective methods in restoring your blood sugar levels. In the case of my father, orange juice was recommended by his doctor - but oddly enough, a Hershey's chocolate bar worked more efficiently for him in restoring his blood sugar levels to a safe mode.

There are also over-the-counter pills that are bargain-basement priced that diabetics can use to stabilize blood sugar levels. However, your physician may prescribe alternative methods for stabilization of blood sugar levels - so he/she is your best go-to source.

Diabetic Symptoms

The symptoms of low blood sugar include but are not limited to the following: feeling weakness, sweating profusely, feeling of faintness - or that the body is simply shutting down, rapid heartbeat.

If you live with a diabetic, just by looking at them one can tell when they have entered the hyperglycemic state. If the diabetic is unable to respond, it's important that you know what to do. Therefore, discuss this potential situation with the physician and know what to do should the situation arise - and you just may save your loved one's life.

One of the best things that a diabetic can do to achieve a longer life as well as a more productive life is to get to their ideal weight with the help of their doctor. A diabetic should never go on any type of diet without their doctor's permission, particularly a restrictive diet such as a carb-restrictive diet.

Carbs help balance our system and provide the bulk of energy. one area of diabetes that can prove fatal if its tinkered with. Live long, live strong, live wisely.

The Vegetarian Diet

Types of Vegetarians & What They Eat

There are many types of vegetarians, just as there are many species of same-foods.  

Example: If a grape is an European grape, is it still a grape?  Yes, of course. There are numerous species of grapes, all with identifying names, just as there are Vegetarians.  

Here are the types of Vegetarians and what they do and do not eat:

Semi-Vegetarians:  The only meat that Semi-Vegetarians eat are poultry and fish.

Vegans:  Do not eat animal products or by-products (such as honey, eggs, milk).

Raw or Living Foodists:  Exist on raw foods only.

Fruitarians:  Exist on fruit and fruit-like veggies, seeds and nuts.

Ovo Vegetarians:  Do not eat meat or animals of any sort and they do not eat any dairy except eggs.

Lacto Vegetarians:  Do not eat meat or animals of any sort or eggs.  They do however, eat dairy products.


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