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Is It Normal to Have Dizziness, Trembling
& Hunger Pains
While Dieting?
Health Risks Associated With Dieting

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Experiencing Shakes & Trembling While Dieting

Is it normal to experience the shakes while dieting?

The 'shakes' or that jittery feeling that one gets deep inside is a common experience among dieters that should not be ignored. The 'shakes' is a signal from your body which is trying to tell you that it's in trouble.

Generally, that trembling feeling is due to a too-restricted diet which requires an intake of energy asap. In some instances, a hidden illness can rear its ugly head - such as diabetes. In these cases, abrupt medical treatment is necessary.

Should you experience a very mild feeling of jitteriness while dieting, try eating something substantial such as a Tablespoon of peanut butter and a glass of orange juice. If the feeling of jitteriness does not quickly go away, it is time to call your doctor.

If you experience a feeling of jitteriness while dieting AND you are also taking diet pills, this feeling may be a common side effect that you will need to share with your doctor.

Is it normal to feel depressed while dieting?

Feelings of frustration and dislike might more aptly describe many dieters. Depression related feelings require medical treatment which should be sought early on.

Dieters often get the blues or feel down about having to diet. While it was fun piling on the weight, it's equally ' not fun' getting the weight off. However, moods are easily lifted once the weight begins to come off.

It is normal to feel dizzy while dieting?

A feeling of dizziness while dieting, although common, is not 'normal'. Dizziness may be attributed to a multitude of things, including a diet that is too restrictive in foods.

Should you experience dizziness or lightheadedness while dieting, please call your doctor as immediate treatment may be required.

Is it normal to feel hungry while dieting?

Hunger is a common symptom of dieting and at times, can be intense. It's also a key reason why many individuals fall off the wagon.

If you find Hunger continually knocking at your door, try the following:

- increase calorie intake as diet may be too restrictive

- drink plenty of fluids which helps to combat hunger

- add a couple more fresh fruit to your daily diet

- enjoy 2 eggs cooked any way that you like

- enjoy 1 cup of beans

- enjoy 1 cup of oats

Is it normal to experience anger while dieting?

Mild anger is a commonly shared symptom among dieters. Anger may occur in any of the following forms:

- anger at one's self for gaining weight

- anger for having to diet

- anger related to the need to diet because of a recently discovered illness or disease that is impacted by weight

- frustration over not being able to enjoy the things that one likes to eat

Many times, the angry dieter becomes so overwhelmed and frustrated with the dieting process that they discard the diet and return to their former eating pattern.

How can dieter's breath be conquered?

If you are experiencing Breath of T-Rex while dieting, the following may alleviate symptoms:

- chlorophyll tablets (high in chlorophyll) found generally in the pharmacy/drug department. Downside may be a green tongue.

- eating several small meals throughout the day rather than 3 well-rounded meals

- chewing on a bit of raw parsley (which is high in chlorophyll)

- mints; allow them to slowly dissolve

- brushing with baking soda and rinsing thoroughly

Dieting Dangers, Losing Weight Isn't Always Safe

Thomas was two weeks into his low carb diet plan when one day at college he collapsed on the floor. He was rushed to the emergency room where he was diagnosed as suffering from a diabetic coma. Although he recovered, he was a breath away from death.

This example is just ONE reason why it is very important to enlist a professional's assistance in your Journey to Weight Loss. Those hidden conditions can rip a body apart particularly when combined with a diet restricted in calories, carbs and fat.

One of the chief reasons that many individuals don't trek to the doctor before striking out on their dieting adventure may be tied to a logical thought:

"Why should I see a doctor? I am already over weight and that in itself has to be taxing on my body. A diet will only improve my body."

The doctor might shoot down that planned fad diet plan - and that would just blow everything to pieces!

Although low carb dieting, as well as other fad diet plans may help many individuals drop pounds, they aren't for everyone - particularly teens as well as for dieters suffering from heart-related issues, as well as diabetics. Restricted carb diets aren't for pregnant and nursing moms either.

The cost of seeing the doctor. Yes, health-related care these days is outrageous. Ten minutes in an emergency room - just to have a doctor give a quick exam cost us almost $500!

No tests - no nothing! Outrageous. But if something would have been wrong, the cost of the funeral would also have been outrageous.

So see your doctor, dietitian or nutritionist and pretend that you're a vehicle and the professional is the mechanic. Here are a few things that you need to learn during that oh-so important visit:

How much you weigh and a good idea of what you should weigh based on age, height, body frame size, muscle mass, gender and ethnicity.

Your cholesterol count, blood pressure reading, heart rate, and with the rising incidence of diabetes in teens, it would be a good idea to have that tested. The doctor may also wish to test your thyroid, as in some instances that may cause weight gain.

Recommended exercise.

If you have a particular diet plan that you would like to try, talk about that and find out answers to any questions you may have regarding the diet.

Discuss any allergies as they may also contribute to weight gain.

When It's Not a Good Time to go on a Diet

Going through an especially trying time but you want to lose weight? You might experience a greater chance of Weight Loss Success if you put your diet on hold - just until those trying times pass. Times that make dieting stressful include:

 Holidays, particularly that space between Thanksgiving and Christmas which make dieting ultra difficult;

Upcoming celebration moments such as the beginning or end of a semester - or the start of school, the start of a new job or if you've just geographically relocated.

Personal situations such as the loss of a close friend or relative,whenever experiencing a relationship break-up or difficulties with the relationship - or even before a planned vacation.

And if you think you're pregnant don't even think about going on a calorie restricted diet OR any type of diet before seeing your doctor. Same goes for nursing moms.

Fact is, when our minds are free to focus on our diet, weight loss results come quicker and easier.

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