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Stereotypes of Weight

Written by Diet Bites


Types of Dieters

It takes all types of dieters to make the world go round (or should that be hourglass?)

You're just living, merrily strolling through life.  Then one day you say, "I need to lose all this unwanted weight and do it quickly!"

You've just entered the Land of Familiar Diets that often do more bad than good for the old waistline. Some of these diet types fall within the realm of weight gain while others fall into weight loss. The interesting thing about the dieters who are Weight Gainers and Weight Losers is that all tend to gain weight.

The key to obtaining permanent weight loss is to secure a permanent daily diet plan.  Take note that many dieters have experienced many of the following avenues of dieting in an effort to drop unwanted weight.  Before I lost my weight, I fell into ALL of the following categories.

Before we proceed, we humans tend to act a bit like mockingbirds. When something popular hits town, then we want to try it, too. Particularly when it comes to dieting.  

On that note, let's begin with the unsuspecting Blond Dieter... 

Types of Weight-Gainers

The Blond Dieter

Has no idea they are gaining weight.

The Wayward Dieter

Realizes weight gain but has no initiative to diet.

The Lost Dieter

Also known as The YoYo Dieter.  The Lost Dieter doesn't know where to begin when it comes to dieting and weight loss so they try one thing after another in hopes of losing weight. Every time they get off a fat reduction plan, they gain to weigh more than they did before the plan.


Types of Weight Losers

The Roller Coaster Dieter

Follows around the popular fad diets circling the globe. The following items are generally found in their pantry: protein power bars, liquid supplements, miscellaneous fat extinguisher products.

The Lost in Space Dieter

A close cousin to The Lost Dieter, on the opposite end of the spectrum. This type of weight loser generally has no idea of what they are doing while dieting. They are simply 'on a diet'.

The Starving Skeleton Dieter

Starves for weight loss. This stereotype generally has 10 pounds or more weight that they wish to lose. This type dieter does not include those with special eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

The Show Me the Money Dieter

Enrolls in clubs, purchases any weight loss equipment they believe will help them shed the weight, as well as weight loss pills and cures.  This stereotype dieter tends to be a big fan of belly fat Infomercials.

The Mother Nature Dieter

Takes a trek back to nature in hopes of weight loss success and a healthier body.

The 'In a Pickle' Dieter

This stereotype resides on middle ground and generally gains weight due to an underlying condition. This individual may also lose weight rapidly. Either condition requires a trip to the family doctor.


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