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Lunch at McDonalds
Suggestions for Dieters

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

McDonalds Lunch Suggestions Based on Calorie & Fat Content

Say no to fast food dining while dieting? No 'weigh'! You can enjoy many things on most fast food restaurant menus while you are losing those unwanted pounds - and one of our favorite spots is McDonalds.

What we like about this restaurant is that it is very consistent. The food - no matter which town we go to - can be depended upon to arrive to our car or tray as expected.

Sure, at times we'll get a stale bun or lettuce that isn't as crisp as that which was just picked from Farmer Joe's garden - but that is to be expected anytime one dines out. And much depends upon the individual's standards that is managing the restaurant.

Here are two of our favorite lunch time menus that we often order when visiting Mickey D's.

Lunch Menu #1

Fish Sandwich, Side Salad, Diet Drink

When you place your order, ask for your sandwich to be prepared 'light on the tartar sauce'. For mine, I order without the cheese as well as light tartar sauce. To be clear, the tartar sauce is not a calorie reduced version - there will just be less of the regular tartar on the sandwich.

When ordered without the cheese and light sauce the caloric values equal about 300, perhaps just a tab less - depending upon how light the cook decides to take the sandwich.

Even when prepared regularly, the fish burger contains only about 400 kcals - which is pretty impressive for a large wedge of breaded fish that contains sauce and cheese.

When you order your salad, ask for the balsamic or low fat dressings but use caution when choosing because even low calorie salad dressings can be excessive in values.

The side salad contains about 20 kcals and I always order the Newman's Own Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette for 35 kcals.

And of course the diet beverage contains zero calories.

Lunch Menu #2

McChicken, Side Salad, Apple Wedges, Diet Drink

The McChicken contains only 360 calories and when I order, I always ask them to go light on the Mayo. This cuts the caloric and fat values significantly. In addition - take the side salad that you order and add it to your sandwich.

This sandwich tastes very good and for me - it fits into my paltry budget. It's rare for us to be able to dine out in a fine dining restaurant so when we get to do fast food, it's a real treat - and it's also a rare treat these days.

The apple wedges are a good selection at a tiny 15 kcals. And the added perk? They are very healthy!

McDonald's Salads for Lunch

There are several good choices on the McDonald's menu for those watching their waistlines.

Among the best of choices may be the salads - as long as the dieter doesn't add on Ranch dressing, croutons, and a couple of packages of crackers - because these little extras can equal higher numbers on the weight scales. And we sure don't want that!

How many kcals in the McDonalds salads?

Without the added niceties mentioned above, very few - which makes them an awesome choice for dieters.

Another perk? They are delicious. Yet another perk? McDonalds salads are very generous. And now for those kcals...

Calories in McDonalds Salads

Crispy Chicken Options

Bacon Ranch Salad - kcals 370/21 fat g

Caesar Salad - kcals 310/16 fat g

California Cobb Salad - kcals 380/23 fat g

Grilled Chicken Options

California Cobb Salad - 280 kcals/14 fat g

Bacon Ranch Salad - kcals 270/13 fat g

Caesar Salad - 210 kcals/7 fat g*

*Note: the  Grilled Chicken Cesar Salad contains about 600 kcals and 40 g of fat when it contains Ranch dressing, croutons, and a couple of packages of crackers. Compared to a Big Mac for 590 kcals and 34 g of fat - the Big Mac makes the better diet choice. This demonstrates how quickly those extras add up.

Although salads might be high on the list when it comes to Dieter's Best Choices -   without all the additives, of course, some menu choices should be avoided. 

Butterfinger® McFlurry™ 900 kcals/31 fat g

M& M® McFlurry™ (16 fl oz cup) - 910 kcals/33 fat g

Chocolate Triple Thick™ Shake (32 fl oz cup) - 1150 kcals/33 fat g

Strawberry Triple Thick™ Shake (32 fl oz cup) - 1120 kcals/32 fat g

Big Breakfast - 710 kcals/48 fat g

In Summary

Opt for grilled salad selections on the McDonalds menu and for the lower calorie dressings.

There are many other great choices for dieters on the McDonalds menu, and I've never met anyone who wasn't happy to provide me with a nutrition chart during my visit.

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