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How to Burn Fat Fast

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How to Burn Excess Body Fat Fast & Safely

If you are a serious dieter, you may be wondering why those excess pounds aren't going away quicker. If you have incorporated the following into your plan, this is likely the cause for slow weight loss:

- Fat resists fasting, and simply refuses to burn at a quick rate during the starvation phase. To burn fat quickly while dieting, rule number one is 'Do not starve yourself.'

- When the dieter starves, the metabolism automatically slows down as it senses the body may be in trouble. When the metabolism slows down, weight loss also slows.

- Keeping your foods spaced throughout the day assists the metabolism in performing a more efficient fat burn.

Tips That Burn Off Excess Body Fat Safely

- Eat breakfast and get a leg up on your diet. Eating breakfast jump starts your metabolism.

- Incorporate healthy raw fruits and vegetables into snack time.

- Studies indicate that three cups of milk per day increases weight loss. We recommended skim for your ounce-an-hour.

- Choose activities that you enjoy to burn calories. If you know that you won't do the treadmill because it's just too boring, then head out shopping.

Exercise Fat Burners

If you're looking to lose pounds at a quicker rate - safely, then activity and exercise can assist in doing just that. While weight is lost, muscles build due to the activities and help tone the skin. Now stronger muscles reside where fat used to live.

The following activities will assist the body in burning fat quicker for a slimmer you. Remember to always get your doctor's approval before beginning any type of exercise program.

Also keep in mind that all exercise burns off fat, but some exercise burns more fat than others. At the beginning phase of exercise, the body will utilize the immediate sugars in the body, so it takes a period of exercise before the body taps into the fat cells.

- Brisk walking, running, racket ball, riding a bike, hiking, swimming, jumping rope, rowing, roller skating, shooting hoops.

Basal Metabolic Rate & Quick Weight Loss

Keep in mind that although you want to lose weight rapidly, you also need to lose weight safely. The dieter can do a lot to speed up the rate of weight loss, but limitations exist as the body can only lose x-amount of weight in x-amount of time.

Rate and speed of weight loss varies from individual to individual and is impacted by numerous factors. Each of us were created differently so even if we are identical in height and weight to one another, Dieter X will lose weight at a different rate than Dieter Y.

Factors that influence speed of weight loss include weight, sex, muscle mass, climate, activity level, metabolism rate, genetics, age, relaxation level and stress level.

Fat Burners That Do Not Work

We've all seen and heard about these amazing fat-burning foods that can melt away weight magically. The trouble is, once the dieter purchases the magical produce, the seller magically disappears with all the dieter's hard-earned loot.

Sad but so there aren't any fat-burning products on the market that will actually melt or burn fat from the body.

Other weight loss myths include super fat-burning foods such as grapefruit.

I remember when I was a kid and my severely obese father went on a grapefruit fad diet. His breath almost melted the wallpaper off the walls in our humble home.

To make matters worse he had diabetes which he wasn't aware of at the time. He could have really died before his time.

Hot sauce and hot peppers for fat burning is also a bunch of hooey. Many cultures dine on heat morning, noon, and night and still experience obesity and overweight issues within their cultures.

What about apple cider vinegar? Well, it doesn't encourage or stimulate weight loss but it might tighten your pucker.


Calorie free foods are difficult to find - although water is a given with zero calories. The following 25 foods contain minimal calories and some are considered as free foods in the daily diet.


1/2 grapefruit - 37 calories
1/2 cup melon - 30 calories
1 lemon or 1 lime - about 10 calories each
1/2 orange - about 30 calories
1 peach - about 35 calories
1 plum - about 35 calories
1/2 cup strawberries - 22 calories


1. Two scrambled egg whites prepared with non stick spray - about 30 calories.

2. One stick of chewing gum - sugar free OR regular contain the same 5 calories.

3. One large marshmallow - 23 calories

These foods additives contain almost zero calories:
diet sodas
hot sauce


1/2 cup of cabbage - about 15 calories
1 carrot - about 25 calories
3 florets of cauliflower - 13 calories
1/2 cup of celery - 10 calories
1/2 large cucumber - 20 calories
1/2 cup of eggplant - 13 calories
1/2 cup of greens - 15 calories
1 cup of butterhead lettuce - 5 calories
1/2 cup of mushrooms - 20 calories
1/2 cup of bell pepper - 15 calories
1 cup of radishes - 20 calories
1 medium tomato - 25 calories
1/2 cup of turnips - 15 calories
1/2 cup of watercress - 2 calories

How to Burn Food Calories Quicker

You are! You're burning calories right now.

Your body continuously burns calories in order to survive. From walking to talking to rocking to doing household chores the body is burning calories. The body burns calories even when sleeping.

Where to calories come from?

Well, there are a good-many elves in hollow trees and green giants that supply quite a few of our calories but chiefly - calories come from the foods that are eaten throughout the day.

Calories may also be thought of as 'energy'.

And of course, they supply the necessary energy to the body so that it continues to breathe, talk, and even eat.

Tips for a Quick Metabolism

- Quick metabolisms are like red sport's cars. Everyone wants one. Most of us would like a metabolism so quick that it would extinguish foods as soon as they hit our tummy. Then we could just eat all we wanted and anything we wanted without having to worry. Or could we?

Keep in mind that although the metabolic rate processes foods at a certain speed, any overage of calories that aren't required by our body get stored in the fat cells - fast metabolism or not.

- Metabolic rate isn't as important as the amount of calories (energy) that we input into our body throughout the day in the form of solid foods and liquids. Controlling caloric input is the only method for achieving recommended weight.

-Metabolism works best when the diet is based on natural foods. Commercially processed foods take longer to process as they are more complicated and complex than natural foods.

- Many dieters take pills that force the metabolism rate to increase. Unfortunately, these pills may increase heart rate to unsafe levels.

Metabolism speed pills may also increase blood pressure to unsafe levels.

When speed becomes too much for the body to handle the dieter may experience the following symptoms: racing, trembling, sweating, tiredness as the heart is over-pumped and over-worked, weakness and fatigue.

In some instances, over the counter pills that speed metabolism have been responsible for fatalities.

In Summary

Basal Metabolic Rate & Quick Weight Loss

Whether you have a metabolic rate of a jet or a paper plane, quick weight loss isn't always healthy weight loss. Dieters who drop weight at a slower pace tend to experience permanent weight loss results.

Burning fat can only be accomplished by the metabolism - not a magical pill or a mysterious, powerful super food or super-liquid.

Embrace a healthy daily diet, exercise wisely and those unwanted pounds will soon be a thing of the past.

Remember the turtle and the hare? Slow and steady wins the Weight Loss Race.

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