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Daily Dietary Fiber Recommendations
for Men & Women

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Is Fiber All It's Bulked Up To Be?  

Studies now indicate that fiber wasn't what it was bulked up to be in regards to fighting colon cancer. Bummers.

When I heard that news I started to do a lot of thinking about dietary fiber. Particularly when I reflected on fiber product commercials showing people trying to cram all the necessary fiber into their daily diet.  

How Much is Too Much?

And it made me think, "If we have to work THAT HARD to take in our daily fiber recommendations, is the daily requirement too much?" 

So I researched a few fiber-filled foods and as indicated on the Fiber Chart below, it doesn't take many foods at all to reach the minimum daily requirements for fiber.  And these are fun, tasty foods that most anyone can enjoy.

Dietary Fiber Daily Recommendations for Men & Women


Daily Fiber Recommendations for Women

Daily Fiber Recommendations for Men


25 Grams

38 Grams

50 +

30 Grams

30 Grams

What amount of foods would equal the 25 Gram minimum daily fiber requirement?


Fibrous Food


Fiber Grams


Pearled Barley

1/2 Cup

12.3 Grams

97 Calories


1 Cup

7.2 Grams

75 Calories


1 Cup

6.0 Grams

60 Calories


2 1/2 Cups

25.5 Grams

232 Calories

Given the Fiber Chart above one can easily see the embellishment of finding time to consume fiber-filled foods. Based on the facts above - it actually takes very little time to consume the RDA of dietary fiber.

Some other facts regarding fiber:

Dietary Fiber For Digestive Health

It's intent in the daily diet is connected to 'pushing out the bad'. If an individual is already having a happy potty time, then a further dose is not necessary and may even create digestive issues. These tend to be very explosive.

It may help in relieving constipation. If rich food sources don't produce 'results' then a trip to the doctor may produce solutions.

Healthy Benefits

Known for reducing heart disease and risk for diabetes.

Natural Sources Superior to Refined

The best way to get your daily dose is to do so naturally via healthy foods.

About Dietary Fiber Supplements

Have you ever taken a fiber product?  If not, I can share the side effects that I experienced when I tried an OTC product for research purposes:

Blimp-like Bloating

Abdominal Cramping

Explosive Gas akin to what most mules might experience

So reach for foods rich in fiber, but don't 'strain' yourself in cramming in as much as you can unless you find yourself straining a bit more during potty time. And then it should be, "Hi there, Doc."


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