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Dieting Caused Weight Gain

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Is Your Weight Gain Caused by Dieting?

Kay went on a diet plan because she was in need of dropping ten unwanted pounds. One month later, the excess weight had been vanquished.

Two months later, Kay discovers that she has not only gained the ten pounds that she lost, but an additional five pounds. Oh well, she lost the ten pounds quite rapidly, so it will be a snap to lose these fifteen unwanted pounds.

A few weeks later, Kay is frustrated to find that she is now in need of losing twenty-five pounds - more than double the weight of her first diet.  

The trouble that Kay had in keeping the weight off was in the way that she viewed losing the weight.

After the unwanted weight was gone, she would allow herself to relax, then she would simply lose the weight.

But the more she relaxed after dieting, the more weight she seemed to gain after the diet.

A year later, Kay is concerned as she now needs to drop over seventy unwanted pounds.

Did dieting cause Kay to gain weight?  

How Dieting Causes Weight Gain

When we gain weight, we increase our number of fat cells. Although the fat cells can be decreased in size, they will never go away. And once they are there, they are like dry sponges waiting to be filled.

A dieter with excessive fat cells will experience a much more difficult time in keeping off extra pounds weight off than an individual with the normal range of fat cells.

Many dieters are like Kay in thinking that they dropped x-number of pounds, and it wasn't THAT difficult, so they'll relax their diet and enjoy the foods that they like. But at some point, the weight gain becomes out of hand.

Even more frustrating is the fact that many individuals end up gaining so much weight because of downside dieting that they have so much weight to lose that they simply give up all hope of getting rid of the extra pounds.

Yo-yo dieting breeds a haven for weight gain. Our bodies like balance and do best when things aren't drastically changed. In fact, an individual who is moderately overweight may experience a much higher level of health than a yo-yo dieter.

How to Lose Excess Body Fat Wisely, Safely

"Thunder clouds do not always give rain."

"I am going on a diet. I am going to lose 50 pounds in two months.  I am never going to gain weight again. This time I know that I will succeed. Nothing and no one will stand in my way. You just watch and see!"

It's easy to speak thunderous words but when it comes to delivering what has been forecast, it's not always easy to deliver.

However, take heed and never give up!

Most individuals do not succeed when they set out - and they may end up struggling and failing time after time. I did!

Then one day, something happened. From the day that I started my diet, I knew that I was going to succeed. 

I blocked 'failure' from my mind. I shifted those thoughts to, "WHEN will I reach my weight loss goal? How long is this going to take? I am still waiting here....BUT I will NOT give in this time OR ever again!"

"What the eye sees not, the heart craves not."

Weight loss is hard - and if you have ever tried to drop a few pounds, this is certainly not new news! 

So let's try to outline some not-so-new dieting and weight loss tips that might be of help as you edge closer to meeting your weight loss goals.

* Not all foods are created equal.

The closer that a food is to its natural state, the less fat and calories it will contain. Keep this diet tip in mind when stocking your pantry. 

Stock up on low fat, low calorie options such as fresh fruit!  And keep in mind, "Out of Diet Sight - Out of Diet Mind". 

"If two ride on a horse, one must ride behind." (Confucian)

Imagine this when trying to lose weight:

The dieter is the horse; the riders are healthy AND unhealthy foods. The food that is chosen - whether it is healthy, or unhealthy - is solely the decision of the individual.

Opting for the unhealthier food choices generally equals weight gain because these choices tend to be much higher in fat, calories and salt which causes 'pounds of bloat'.

Healthy foods tend to be much lighter in calories and fat than unhealthy foods and will lend the dieter a healthier, leaner body. 

Keep in mind that plump horses don't run the race as well as lean horses. When pressed, even the horse himself might say, "Whoa!"

Therefore, reach for those healthier, leaner choices and grab on for the ride of your life!

"If thy strength will serve, go forward in the ranks; if not, stand still." (Confucian)

Without strength, it is very hard to accomplish a certain task.  Strength, willpower and determination will overpower any obstacle in your path and bring weight loss results.

With strength, overpowering the urge to overeat, to binge and to drift off of your diet plan can easily be accomplished.

Before going on a weight loss plan, have a CLEAR health goal in mind. Know what you are aiming for.

You'll also want to incorporate activity into your calendar which will effectively boost positive results.

"Don't set sail on someone else's star." (African Quote)

Three are a lot of 'lose belly fat' fad plans on the markets these days - some good, some bad, almost all being fad.

Why so many?

Money. Although obesity is at the forefront of major health concerns in a good portion of our world, without it - the businesses that depend on the revenue from their money-making scams would go broke. This includes sections of big Pharma.

Not all fad [popular] plans are bad or unhealthy. These exist because what works for one individual may not work for another.

We have different lifestyles, different metabolisms, different activity levels. 

Therefore, the plan that produced amazing results for your best friend may not work for you. 

In Summary

If dieting appears to be causing your weight gain, work with your doctor to find a healthy diet plan to get off all those extra pounds, then persistently discourage overeating which in turn will cause the weight gain cycle to be reborn.

Embracing an activity that you enjoying doing will also help keep the weight manageable, as well as adding strength and tone to the body.

In addition, do not set sail on someone else's weight loss success - such as a popular celebrity [they have the ability to have personal trainers].

Instead, search out your personal wants and needs. Then take a look at the diets on the market these days and decide which is best for you.

As to Diet Bites, we prefer a safe plan based on the Food Pyramid, the number of calories required by the individual's body, and moderate activity.

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