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Foods to Enjoy While Dieting
at Carnivals, Festivals & Fairs Dieting

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Fairs, Carnivals & Festivals While Dieting

If you enjoy going to these fun events but you've been avoiding such due to your new fat loss reduction plan because of the typical fried and fatty foods that are served at these events - then we have tips that can come to the rescue.

Fried Foods Galore

First, let's address those fried foods that are so popular at these community events. If you fear them - then you are wise because the caloric values add up very quickly when they are sitting on the plate.

Well, let's amend that to - after they leave the plate and enter your tummy, shall we? Because here is where the damage begins.

Even if you don't exceed your set daily caloric totals, foods that are excessive in fatty acids tend to accumulate in the arteries of the body.

Over time, these roadways to the heart can create barriers. Blood is impeded so that it doesn't flow freely to the heart. This situation poses great health risks because in turn - blood is not freely pumped to the vital organs and necessary areas of the body.

For a quick comparison, eight onion rings from your typical fast food restaurant that have been battered and fried contain about 300 kcals and 16 total fat grams - along with 15 mg's of cholesterol and over 7 grams of saturated fat.

This is based on about 85 grams of rings. Ten onion rings that are in their raw state contain a skinny 24 kcals and 0.06 grams of total fat with zero cholesterol content.

See how oil and batter really rack-up those unhealthy values? And when it comes to state fairs, local fairs, Octoberfests and other autumn events and festivals - as well as those that are threaded throughout the year, it's not just onions that get peeled, sliced, battered and fried. It's also everything from cheese to grilled cheese.

That's right - fried grilled cheese sandwiches which is what our state fair features along with fried butter, beer - and this year, fried Jambalaya.

The Better Choices for Dieters

There are a few - and only a few to be found so if you're dieting and plan to attend an event, try to add these to your top choices when and where they are available.

Also keep in mind that if you do enjoy a fried food that you'll be doing a lot of walking - so that will assist in burning off a considerable number of calories if you walk a significant amount of time.

Our short list of lower calorie food options for fairs, carnivals and festival events include:

- roasted corn on the cob as well as fresh popped corn

- yogurt and reduced fat ice creams, particularly fruit based bars, lemon ices

- caramel apples and chocolate dipped fruit

- breads and biscuits without added butter, served with fruit preserves

- baked potatoes (some of the best can be found at the Texas State Fair)

- roasted peanuts and other nuts, but of course keep consumption reasonable

- unsweetened tea, diet friendly drinks and if you must have beer then drink reasonably and opt for light

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