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Best & Worse Exercises
for Weight Loss & Fitness

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Exercise is Associated With Both Healthy Benefits & Health Risks, Including Death

Before we surrender our list of favorite, effective exercises for weight loss, keep in mind that everyone has a favorite thing that they really enjoy doing.

Once you hone in on yours - don't let it slip away!

10 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

A person doesn't need to incorporate exercise to lose weight BUT what's the sense of losing weight if fitness is lacking?

A weak heart, brittle bones, lost muscles - it's what happens when we become petrified, such as when we spend too much time in front of our desks and televisions.  

So what exercise is right for you? The one that you'll keep doing over and over throughout your life. No matter what you decide to do for exercise, stick with it for a lifetime of health.

1. walking - grab the dog

2. hiking - check out state parks and recreational areas

3. shopping - even at the food market  

4.  mind exercises that keep you focused on your fitness goals  

5. swimming

6. exercise tapes - there are some great ones out there

7. shooting hoops - grab the kids

8. canoeing

9. exercising patience and willpower - keeping that focus focused

10. anything that you love to do!

10 Worst Exercises

Like Clint Eastwood's famous words, "A man's gotta know his limitations." Be good to your body because it's the only one that you have. These exercises are for those who just don't know better.

1. The bicycle goat run during extreme heat equals extreme dehydration equals trail of ambulances. Don't do it, Wolverine....or you may have an unhappy stroke.

2. Jogging when the hot summer sun winks (a formula for heat stroke and wrinkles).

3. Going it alone under the moonlight or the dark of night (target for crime, mosquitoes & moving vehicles).

4. The Go-Goer! This individual exercises to the point that they workout during lunch, then race back to their desk to gobble down lunch (aids in poor digestion AND some relaxation is vital for optimum health).

5. The tanned golfer with the candy-red golf cart (riding a cart requires minimal exertion).

6. Running on Cold: What happens when warm-ups are lacking; muscles not accustomed to power - like a car being rived up when it's 10-below.

7. The Couch Potato Jive - moving chips to dip to lips requires minimal exertion.

8. Video Game Master - while some game playing time may hone skills, too much game time makes Master slave to game.

9. Bikini Walk - walking the hotter-than-hell beach in a bikini under the hot rays of the sun equals lots of whistles now, lots of wrinkles later.

10. The Ice Swimmer - Only true polar bears belong in ice water.

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